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Will Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Die In DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

I would never want to consider Hugh Jackman leaving the role of our favorite mutton chopped mutie, but if Bryan Singer’s DAYS OF FUTURE PAST will be faithful to the original comics, then there’s a good chance Wolverine will be flash roasted by a Sentinel’s hand cannon. That is, after all, how he died in Chris Claremont’s two issue, time travelling tale on which this movie’s based.

Now, while I don’t think Fox is quite prepared to dispose of Hugh Jackman and the box office bucks he contributes to the X-Men flicks, killing him at this point in the franchise would be really really convenient.He’s already starred in 4 Logan-centric movies, with another set to debut this summer (James Mangold’s THE WOLVERINE), so fans aren’t exactly dying to see another one.

I am, of course, because I’m a stubborn fanboy who loves any film with beardy faced Hugh and claw-popping action. Yes, even Origins, however awful it may be. Whether the studio wants to recast the character with a new actor, or focus on entirely new tales sans Wolverine, as they did in First Class, now would be the perfect time to cut ties.

But then again, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is nothing else, if not a time travel movie… or, rather, dimension hopping. Old Wolverine is the version that dies in the original comic, while his younger iteration remains nice and comfy in the modern era, so even if a version of Jackman’s scruffy Ron Swanson rip-off (tongue firmly in cheek) croaks at any point in the film, not all forms of his character need be affected.

I personally would like to see Jackman mantain his title as “The Best There Is At What I Do” well into his elder years. Can you imagine how badass an Old Man Logan film will be when Hugh’s 70 and fully equipped with raging grandpa strength? Even Clint Eastwood would quiver at the thought.

Geriatric Logan is a killing machine

But as I’ve said, it wouldn’t surprise me if the studio takes this opportunity to recast the character, or omit him entirely from their future movies. I know Wolvie’s a huge draw, but X-Men: First Class proved that Magneto and Professor X are the real selling points of the X-Men brand, and Jackman’s gotta be an expensive lead to cast at this point.

What do you think? Will he die in DOFP? If so, will he be recast?  Or nothing of the sort?

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  • Jamie White

    As much as I love Wolvie, I would truly like an actor of this caliber to have the time for even greater dramatic, comedic, and musical roles without having to devote months each year to Logan. Why not let him go out with a big bang.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      Didn’t think about that when writing, but such a great point. I really wish he would spend more time on film than in theatre, though. I know that’s his passion, but I can never catch his shows. And I personally prefer movies

      • Jamie White

        I love the movies as well and the Oscar nomination means that truly important films could be in his future. Prisoners due out in September is already being mentioned in the entertainment columns on top films for this year with Oscar potential.

  • Granny Mumantoog

    Going out in flames of glory would be pretty cool. I’d love to see him have time to do a variety of great roles. Surely if the franchise needed him again in the future, they could do a story in a different timeline like the comics do. That geriatric Wolvie idea sound awesome!