Will Denzel Washington Play Green Lantern In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN?


The rumor mill just keeps churning out names for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, and this time it’s another superhero being added to the mix. Nuke the Fridge is reporting that Denzel Washington is being considered to play John Stewart, one of Earth’s Green Lanterns and best known from the Justice League animated series. If this rumor is true, then Stewart would be the fourth superhero in a movie that’s already includes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Stewart isn’t the only role that Washington has been linked to for this movie. Last week it was reported that his name was on the consideration list for Lex Luthor. Other names who have been rumored for that role include Bryan Cranston and Joaquin Phoenix.


As usual, all of this is just a rumor, but don’t discount it right away. Many of us thought the Wonder Woman rumor didn’t have much credence to it and we were proven wrong, so don’t be surprised if DC does add another superhero to this already crowded film. If this ends up being true, DC needs to stop jerking us around and call this film for what it is: a Justice League film.

Many fans who were disappointed by the Green Lantern film have suggested that John Stewart take over the role for a future movie rather than reboot the series. I’ve always been a proponent of this since reboots are being overused these days. Just tell the audience that the first Green Lantern Hal Jordan was either killed or is on an interstellar mission, and show Stewart being selected as the new Green Lantern for Sector 2814. That way we can build a new story without having to erase any continuity.


However, I don’t think adding Stewart into Batman vs. Superman is a good move. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disappointed by Washington being rumored for the role. Although I wouldn’t necessarily have picked him, I think he could pull off playing the former marine-turned GL even if he is a bit older than Stewart is in the comics. It’s just that this movie is overcrowded with superheroes already. We’re seeing Batman and Superman teaming up, and although it hasn’t been revealed how big Gal Gadot’s role will be, it’s a sure bet we’ll see a little of Wonder Woman action. With three of the most popular superheroes of all time featured in one movie, it seems unnecessary to add Green Lantern to the mix right now. As much as it might be copying Marvel Studios’ plan, Warner Bros. needs to work on building this world a bit more before they show the Justice League banding together.


Honestly, I would prefer Washington playing Luthor over John Stewart. I’m usually okay with a character’s race being altered for a movie with the exception of the main character, and that’s only because I want the hero to look like as much like the comic book version as possible. Washington has built a career on playing tough and intimidating characters, so I have no trouble seeing him as the sinister corporate mogul who wants to destroy Superman. Of all the actors rumored for the role, he’s the one I’d prefer.

Fans are already pissed that this movie seems to be maneuvering away from telling a good Superman story and more towards a team-up free-for-all. Yes, I would like to see a Justice League movie someday, but now is not the time. Let’s hope that this Green Lantern rumor stays a rumor and that Washington’s consideration for Luthor has more weight.

SOURCE: Nuke The Fridge