Why Does MARK WAHLBERG Wield Soul Calibur in TRANSFORMERS 4?

When he’s not busy battling Yoshimitsu, Mark Wahlberg likes to spend his days quietly tending to his pear orchard, or starring in massive Hollywood sequels like 2014’s robot romp TRANSFORMERS 4.

In these latest photos from the set of Michael Bay’s Autobot tale, Wahlberg’s wielding a pretty hefty saber, which is a bit weird considering Transformers canon (not like Bay is concerned with that, or anything). I’ve scoured the interweb’s image archives in search of this sword’s inspiration, but no luck thus far.

Take a look and see if you can determine if it’s from the original toons.

That’s quite the sword/gun combo. I wonder who owns it? It seems a bit too small for the heavy hitters to use, and if the plot’s as dependent on that sword as it seems, then perhaps it may be related to the rumored big baddie, Circuit Breaker.

SOURCE: Transformers Live

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