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Who Wants To See James McAvoy As Gandalf In THE SILMARILLION?

Gandalf banner banner Who Wants To See James McAvoy As Gandalf In THE SILMARILLION?

Now The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been released in cinemas, myself and many other Tolkien fans are on a bit of a Middle Earth-hype, and one of those fans happens to be none other than James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class).  Talking to Total Film, the actor revealed his desire to play a younger Gandalf the Grey in a film adaptation of The Silmarillion. Read his comments below…

“I’d like to play Gandalf. It’s called The Silmarillion! It’s a collection of poems and songs that chart the ancient history of Middle-earth. My true geek is coming to the fore, but they’re really, really beautiful stories. In part of that is the genesis of Gandalf, or Mithrandir, or Stormcrow, or any of his many, many names. Anyway, maybe that’s the one!”

I’m sure McAvoy would play a great Gandalf and make a fantastic addition to Middle Earth, however there is one slight implication… Gandalf doesn’t age, nor appears in the book! However if there are any more Tolkien adaptations I’m sure McAvoy would make a great Blue Wizard if those two ever do show up.

Do you want to see The Silmarillion on the big screen? How do you feel about James McAvoy playing him? Share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Total Film

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  • Dale

    I’ve never read the Silmarallion, but I would like to see a movie get made. I really enjoyed the other books and the movies in my opinion have been excellent.

  • Mahtion

    I can´t imagine movie Silmarillion. Perhaps series like Game of Thrones. But I´d definitely like to see these stories. Legions of orcs, balrogs and dragons in Godolin. Beren and Luthien before Morhoth, tragedy of Hurin´s children… But McAvoy as Gandalf? I´m not sure. Gandalf, or rather Olorin is “ageless”, in Valinor of more etheric physique maybe. And he appears only in notion about Istari in Unfinished tales, not sure if in Silmarillion.

  • ven

    sooo, that shit ain’t happening. Tolkien’s estate has already stated that they are not interested in licensing further material. LOTR & Hobbit were licensed by Tolkien himself prior to his death. sorry fanboys!

    • gr689

      yeah until they give them millions for the licensing that is…..so sure they won’t license anything….sure…only because they made shitty movies right?? LOL

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