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What Do You Think Of This New ROBOCOP Armor?

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TS Robocop banner What Do You Think Of This New ROBOCOP Armor?If you can remember, a few weeks ago we brought you a first look at Alex Murphy’s brand new armor from the latest Hollywood reboot ROBOCOP.

You were less than enthused.

In fact, the vast majority of you were pretty damn pissed, claiming the costume looked liked the hideous bastard child of Iron Man and Judge Dredd.

While we’d never be so gross in our judgement, I must admit, the staffers here at UTF were a bit disappointed with the new design. The best part of the 80′s original was the costume (even more so than the violence) and this new black garb just isn’t cutting it.

Well, we’ve managed to nab some more on set photos for you featuring our iron clad cyborg. Check them out below.

Is that a robo-diaper? I’m all for progress, but that’s just a little TOO realistic for my taste.

What do you guys think? For all my bitching, I think this will surely be an enjoyable movie, but perhaps just not as much as the original. After all, it is a reboot…


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  • Grumpy Old Man

    It just doesn’t look like a cyborg type suit as we’ve come to know them through the movies. Instead, it just looks like a discarded first draft of batman’s body armor. It looks more like a rubber suit than a mechnized, robotic body. Maybe the RoboCop in this movie is less robot thn the original? I don’t know…I was initially excited about this movie but with each photo released from the prduction my excitment turns to confusion and anger. I should be used to Hollywood ruining everthing from my childhood. Looks like RoboCop is going the way of G.I. Joe, The Transformers, Toatal Recall (new one), Starsky & Hutch, Bewitched and Get Smart (what, so I had a long childhood).

  • Ryan

    It still sucks. Looks to much like a cross between Nolan’verse Batman suits and the Dune stillsuits. It needs Chrome. It needs to have actual articulation & servos. Maybe some of this can be done in post, but so far the Robocop suit looks about as inspired as a mediocre entry on SyFy’s Face Off.

  • BoredomIncarnate

    Yeah this suit definitely reminds me of Nolan’s Batman suit. And not in a good way. If I remember right in the script they had basically a criminal focus group say the old armor looked like an 80′s action figure. Well this is TOO modern. I have yet to see a single thing to get slightly enthused about from this remake.

  • blanchertagis

    reminds me of the power suits from G.I Joe in black. Too much detail, lacks character. I’ll take the original suit over the new one any day.

  • Meteor_Tesh

    It reminds me of Comamnder Shepards suit/armor from the Mass Effect games. All that had to be done was update the original suit, it looks more like they designed a whole new thing altogether in this case though. Also, In every photo I have seen, one hand is always normal. I take it there will be some CGI hand or something.

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece


  • acrossalloceans

    that looks awesome! especially the pictures where you can see the red line on the helmet. I loved the original but this one looks really cool.

  • Greegor

    The charm of the first Robocop is that he’s a tank and not a Ninja. Although capable of strategic speed at close range, those moments were all the more awesome when compared to the way he lumbered through Old Detroit with that heavy footfall. Sleeker isn’t necessarily better.

  • Po

    If batman made an Ironman suit, this would be it.

  • Wil TsTi Johnson

    Simply put, it just looks like a man in armor ala Nolan Batman. If they weren’t going to go blocky they should have gone super modern and done something like the Mass Effect ish style of the robots in the total recall remake. They had alot of the same features but were unnaturally skinny in areas like the arms. If they wanted to get it completely right they would have kept it looking like an action figure.

  • Chad Johnson

    Robocop, KITT(knightrider) and Batman had a 3way love child

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