RUMOR: Paul Bettany Becomes Vision in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

Earlier in the week our friend at Marvel yielded to our incessant nagging, and revealed some insider info about THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Here’s what she said:

When we asked if JARVIS, or a form of the AI software, would become Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron, our source said:

“That’s the plan so far from what I’ve heard. Obvious, isn’t it?”

And since Paul Bettany has portrayed JARVIS in every Marvel Studios film since the cinematic universe’s creation, we asked our source if the thespian would return for a proper physical role, instead of just the voiceover:

“He’s returning, but I’m not sure if they’re doing motion capture with him, or if they’ll use someone else. Since he’s only done voiceovers, the contract is new.”

The very next day Marvel revealed that 80’s legend (and Scranton’s resident Lizard King) James Spader would portray the red eyed Robot, Ultron, which seemed to conflict with our Paul Bettany report, since we had naturally gone onto speculate that Bettany could play Ultron on the big screen. But after re-reading our question again, I realized we weren’t very specific. We simply asked if Paul Bettany would return in The Avengers: Age of Ultron as either a voice over or a physical role, and this latest rumor fits the bill.

Well, according to a “Marvel Employee” who posted to the 4Chan boards (yeah, we know it’s 4Chan… we’re not putting too much faith), Paul Bettany’s Jarvis will attempt to hack a league of Ultron robots, and after botching that attempt, he’ll somehow transform into The Vision. Here’s the full breakdown.

>Work for marvel
>overhear big shots talking about avengers 2
>James Spader is Ultron
>avengers fight off multiple Ultrons
>Jarvis attempts to hack Ultron
>must make physical contact
>Paul Bettany to become Vision
>Vision defeats Ultron

The dude even supplied his Marvel exhibitor tag (it’s blurry, I know).

So what do we know so far? Marvel revealed James Spader will star as Ultron. Our Marvel source claimed Ultron will either be JARVIS, or a form of the AI. Based on the recent evidence, I think we can all safely say that Spader’s version of Ultron will be the latter. And now, according to this mysterious forum goer (it’s 4Chan, so remember to bring your grain of salt) Jarvis will become Vision.

Now, I know you’re thinking “What kind of far fetched B.S. is this?”, but it doesn’t deter too much from the original 1968 Ultron vs Avengers comic book tale. In that first encounter, Ultron brainwashes Tony Stark’s very human butler Jarvis, who becomes the lure in an elaborate “Kill The Avengers” trap. Ultron also creates The Vision, an Android meant to kill Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but who instead betrays his Master, defeating the evil robot in glorious style.

As we said in our scoop earlier in the week, Marvel’s renegotiating Paul Bettany’s contract, so I wouldn’t be too suprised (and frankly, I’m 90% expecting) that the British thespian will portray The Vision.

And let’s not forget, Scarlet Witch is a central character in Avengers: Age of Ultron, who we all know is The Vision’s significant other in the comics.

What say you? Shout out below!


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  • Elizabeth Szubert

    Nope. Even after reading the explanation, it still makes no sense to me. I think Marvel is pulling our legs and it’s not even April.

  • NPH for Rocket Raccoon

    It’s an interesting rumor to save the least. Doesn’t exactly make too much sense, but if it’s true, we’re only getting part of the story secondhand.

    I wouldn’t put it past Whedon to do something like this and Bettany is a relatively high profile actor just to be voicing an automated unit like Jarvis (which is why so many of us bought into the Ultron rumor really.)

    I’d say it could turn out awesome if it’s true.

    I’m skeptical because there’s been so much stuff flying around lately, but who knows. I’d watch the hell out of it Ill tell ya that!

  • blueheather

    I’m rather sure he won’t accept the role if the offer is given to him; since he said he won’t involve in the project of films that he isn’t interested in anymore. He also said he even didn’t watch any Iron man.

    • rustyiron

      I have heard and seen the interview where he has said that, however, he wouldn’t leave a project halfway either. Yes this would be much more than what he already does with Iron Man but he still owes it to the project to play his character thru. I think if they asked him he would do it. As far as him not watching this type of movie, a lot of actors do that. As long as Bettany gives 100% commitment into his role, who cares if he doesn’t like this type of movie or watches it himself?

  • camaro_mang

    i should be black panther the king of Wakanda

  • Jon

    A writer for iron man 3, said he read a lot of the theories regarding Age of Ultron (including Jarvis/Starks becoming/creating Ultron) and he said that nothing is even close to what really is happening…so….I know what is happening now 🙂