VIN DIESEL Is Probably, Definitely, Maybe In THE AVENGERS 2

Yep, apparently THIS is happening.

Vin Diesel’s mentioned his desire to play Vision a few times before, mostly through passive changes to his Facebook page, swapping out his profile picture for a custom pic of our favorite yellow and green android.

Well, apparently the big meathead had earned a special meeting with Marvel Studios.  Now, even if that small mysterious tidbit was all we knew about his exchange with the House of Ideas, the interwebs would have went wild with THE AVENGERS 2 rumors.

But we know a bit more after he posted this:

Marvel meeting today…

Only the people in the room can tell you what was discussed…

P.s. Thanks to Our page, for pushing to make it happen… you know I get tunnel vision with my work… and after that meeting today… wow!

I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t seen any of Diesel’s recent flicks. I know, I know… the recent Fast and Furious movies aren’t THAT bad. In fact, most critics and audience members loved the films, and I’m sure a good deal of that was due to Vin Diesel’s all around badassery.

BUT… I’ve always seen him as a one dimensional actor. The toad voiced gun slinger who either

1) punches the shit out of bad guys

OR (suprisingly)

2) punches the shit out of good guys

Admittedly, a few of the other Marvel mainstays aren’t the most versatile actors in the world (Chris Evans, I’m sorry, but you’re Cap has one note: sappy Mcsapperston), but I’d like any new additions to bolster THE AVENGERS 2’s street cred.

Although, he would make a pretty awesome Thanos.


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