Say what you will about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (It was boring, It was a rehash, Bane sounded like a poor man’s Sean Connery) but fundamentally, it was a solid and somewhat satisfying conclusion to Nolan’s realistic realm.

Though… I still would like to say one last thing about the flick, if you’ll excuse my hypocrisy. Just a teenie, tiny complaint.

What the hell happened to The Joker? For a villain that so devastatingly destroyed Batman’s life in the 2nd film, he seems awfully overlooked in the 3rd. Let’s look at the facts.  He was the most batshit crazy villain that Gotham ever suffered and the catalyst for Bruce Wayne’s retirment from crime fighting, but the ol’ Clown isn’t even given a wink or a nod as the Caped Crusader rides off into the sunset. I know Nolan actively avoided including the Joker out of respect for the late Heath Ledger, but that doesn’t provide a functioning solution to the narrative.

Well, a few diehard fanboys have decided to amend that one discrepancy. Check out the short film ARKHAM RISING below:

Pretty damn awesome, right? By the way, was that hot blondey a sly reference to Harley Quinn?

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  • CmartinezBata

    Cool but way too short. they should team up with da batinthesun guys to make movies!

    • Fats Mclemlich

      Haha, I have a feeling you know just how to get in contact with them

  • Tito Guillen

    Many thanks again for the write up!