Iron Man Ultron

ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

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 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

We’ve been talking about this little bit of info for a while on the site, but this latest The Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser from Marvel seems support our point. Before we go any further, make sure you take a look at the video below, because who knows how long it’ll stay available:

Obviously, Joss Whedon may be taking a bit of poetic license with this short clip. The mere fact that Tony Stark’s Iron Man helmet transforms into Ultron’s visage isn’t 100% confirmation by any stretch of the imagination. It could simply be an indication that Stark’s hubris has allowed for the rise of this new, mechanical baddie.

Although, common sense would dictate that the cinematic origins of Ultron lay in Tony Stark’s workshop, and I feel confident (based on this clip) that YES, one of Tony’s suits becomes Ultron. And according to our previous scoop (which we revealed last month), the AI known as Jarvis will serve as the basis for this maniacal villain.

I tried to grab as many screenshots as I could, so here’s a near step-by-step.

Iron Man Ultron ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

Iron Man Ultron 2 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

Iron Man Ultron 3 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

Iron Man Ultron 4 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

Iron Man Ultron 5 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

Iron Man Ultron 6 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

Iron Man Ultron 7 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

Iron Man Ultron8 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

Iron Man Ultron 9 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

Iron Man Ultron 10 ULTRON Created From Iron Man Armor in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser

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  • Max Beaulieu

    I really enjoy the idea of this. It seems like a nice adaptation, because bringing Hank Pym in just to invent Ultron seems contrived. Moreover, the fact that Jarvis, a benign character suddenly turns on the Avengers, especially Tony, is going to hit home hard.

    This is taking a giant leap but is possible, that Ultron is defeated, and Jarvis is saved in the form of Vision? It seems like a very hollywood thing to do.

    • The Dude

      I don’t think Jarvis is going to be Ultron. They wouldn’t of cast James Spader. I’m thinking maybe Tony Stark may have something to do with it, but if Ultron was going to be Jarvis, they would of just kept the voice of Jarvis. I believe that the reason they showed the Iron Man helmet was kind of to tease the audience. Make them think they are previewing one of the Avengers, but instead turns out to be the villain of the story.

  • Miranda


    • NerfDaDerf

      really Miranda….?

      • bfg666

        Really what? I saw it elsewhere but one can’t help but wonder why putting a video online in the first place if only a select few can access it…

        • NerfDaDerf

          …………..really bfg?

          • Michael Price

            Really Nerf? anyway, i dont like this TO well, its OK, but not what i intended, hank pym should create, but atleast they got the look of Ultron right.

          • bfg666

            Hey troll, I happen to be of fairly above average intelligence yet I don’t get it, so why don’t you stop condescending to me (you’re a troll after all, so you can’t be very bright) and give an actual explanation? Or get the fuck out.

          • Greymatter

            Seriously? It’s super easy to deduce. The video was initially released publicly, until, after pressure from Marvel, Youtube, or both, the video was made private. That’s how these things always go.

            Anyway, they won’t stick to the original story for every little detail because, well, this is Hollywood we’re talking about. Keep in mind that a movie doesn’t have time to flesh out an origin story in quite the same way that a comic book does.

          • bfg666

            Well, I’m not in the know of the site’s policy. That’s not “how these things always go” at all: usually when there’s pressure from the rightsholders, the video is deleted, plain and simple. Making it private makes it seem like the site’s staff deems some people unworthy of laying their eyes on the video. Thanks anyway for caring to give an actual explanation instead of playing the troll like that NerfDaNerf douche.

            BTW, I don’t know who your second paragraph is addressed to but it’s kinda out of place in this privacy issue.

          • NerfDaDerf

            hehehehe, so apparently saying two words. That aren’t in anyway offensive makes me a douche. Which you can call me, but I’m the troll?

          • bfg666

            Yeah right, act like you don’t understand the impact of your actions… You won’t make me believe you’re that dense, your eloquence proves otherwise. I’ll spell it out for you anyway: these two words, aggravated by the suspension points, show a purposefully patronizing attitude coupled with blatant mockery, which is obviously offensive and makes you fully deserving of the adjectives troll, douche or jerk. You don’t like them? Then show some respect.

          • NerfDaDerf

            Would like to mention. That a troll, is anyone that tries to instigate and try to start arguments that stray from the path of whatever subject is being trolled.

            So. pretty much. You. I mean I said one response to someone, and you took the liberty to try and defend her. To which, I really didn’t care enough to reply, which resulted in the repetitive (really bfg?) it was funny, maybe not to you, because it’s directed At you.
            You then decided to spend all this time straying away from the Topic at hand, insulting me calling me redundant names. all to “defend” someone….So. Who’s the real troll here? You. The one who’s arguing with someone who clearly doesn’t care about you….or me.the one that’s saying little to nothing, to which can be perceived however the reader Fuckin’ wants to perceive it? Your intelligence doesn’t “impress” or “intimidate” me. Sociopath? No I feel for people and things. But it’s fun pointing at the big dumbass sometimes.

          • NerfDaDerf

            Best watch who you call a “troll” son, because you’re using it incorrectly.

          • bfg666

            Oooooh, I’m scaaaaared. So whatcha gonna do, break my legs with a crowbar? Good luck finding me. Gotta love how an immature prick like you calls me “son,” the irony of the situation is pretty tasty! How old are you anyway? If your answer is anything higher than 12, you’re in serious need of growing up a little.

          • NerfDaDerf

            ? o_0 Did I do something to seem “offensive” for you to be so “scaaaaaared”? What the hell are you babbling about crowbar? You’re kind of sad, apparently you want some form of attention. I’m trying to put this “argument” into a physical setting. You look like the guy who’s had a few too many to drink, and start shouting about how everybody wants to fight you lol. Calm the fuck down, Son. Son. son. Son. son. “Son.” I bet you also felt some sense of “pride” when you held down those keys. I’m in serious need for growing up? You contradict yourself with your first redundant sentence.

          • bfg666

            So, “best watch who you call a troll” isn’t supposed to sound menacing? Who in their right mind would you seriously expect to believe that?! If it really wasn’t your intent, I strongly suggest you learn a thing or two about the art of discussion, because that’s exactly what it means for everybody else. I’m an attention whore? Please refer to the aforementioned speck and log. As for the rest of your nonsensical rambling rhetoric, I believe I’ve addressed it all in my two other replies of the day.

          • NerfDaDerf

            still said less than you, and you keep makin yourself look like an asshat….couldn’t resist

          • bfg666

            Jeez, what a piece of work you are, you know that? Of course you do, trolls revel in trying to anger normal people. I’ve already told you it doesn’t work with me. Fine then, I don’t have anything left to say to an incurable sociopath like you so from now on, I’ll stand on the sideline and laugh silently as I watch you embarass yourself. Please continue.

          • NerfDaDerf

            ……… do realize that’s what I’ve been doing to you this whole time right?

            My objective was to originally say as little as possible, and just let you parade around being the arrogant ass you are. You’re not clever, or you would’ve seen that I wasn’t trying to anger you. It’s not about angering you, it’s about quitely making fun of you with other people, while you just go off on this redundant tangent. I could say the same “jeez what a piece of work you are” after your loooooooooong uneeeeeeded dragging out of a word. Like it makes a difference lol No. I’ll just sit here, Like I said. Saying little to nothing, and make you look like a fool.

          • NerfDaDerf

            lol Also would like to point out the Title of this comment section. Which says “S#*! Talking Central” lol

          • NerfDaDerf

            Hahaha,I just took a look at your comments. You pretty much call everyone a troll.

          • bfg666

            Nope, I call trolls trolls. Obviously you haven’t read many of my comments, have you? You’re making fun of other people’s comments for your own gratification, therefore you’re a troll, period.

            Whatever happened in your life to make you feel the need to try and bring the others down? Funny thing is that it doesn’t work on me, it just makes you look like a jerk in my eyes, and the harder you try, the more pathetic you are.

          • NerfDaDerf

            I said. “Realy Miranda…..?” I figured that everyone had assumed whichever video was posted had quickly been taken down due to Copyrights and legal issues. All it takes is a few flags and (blip) gone.

            I look like a jerk? You’re the one username “bfg666″ You seem to have described yourself there, buddy. That’s probably why what i’m “trying to do” doesn’t work on you. Because you, yourself try to prey on people. I don’t necessarily do anything, I just let you go on and make your comments, you do most of the swings, and most of them miss lol. I kind of laugh, Pathetic?hehehehehe i’ve been called worse.

            Now, I’m going to go on and continue my discussions with people that don’t make asshats out of themselves. Or at least, don’t do so so arrogantly.

          • bfg666

            For your edification, know that my username and avatar are direct references to the groundbreaking videogame Doom by id Software which changed my gamer’s life, and have nothing to do with a supposed satanism on my part or anything else you might picture in that small, mean mind of yours.

            I try to prey on people? That’s rich! Ever heard of the speck and the log? Please don’t project your own flaws upon others. See my reply above from half an hour ago about respect and responsibility.

            Good luck finding people who wish to discuss with someone like you who does make an asshat out of himself so arrogantly. Hasta la vista, baby!

          • NerfDaDerf

            ahhh, I was gonna call you an asshat this time.

          • bfg666

            Thought you said you were moving on, asshat.

          • NerfDaDerf

            I would if it stopped telling my I had notifications lol
            you remind me of a sad 4chan…..

          • NerfDaDerf

            On a sidenote, I’m pretty stoked about Spader as Ultron and I really hope it’s part practical and part motion captured; Like the ironman suits in the past.

  • You’rewelcome
  • NerfDaDerf

    what if tony’s emotional punching bag of a robot arm seen recovered at the end of IM3 becomes Ultron lol

  • Pulp Tricycle

    I’m pretty sure Jarvis will become The Vision and that Ultron will be some kind of living virus that inhabits one of the suits…

    • Pulp Tricycle

      Hence I believe The Vision will be created by Ultron from Jarvis as in the comics, but Jarvis as The Vision will turn on his creator and join The Avengers…

      • bfg666

        Huh?! “As in the comics?” Wasn’t The Vision created from Wonder Man’s brain patterns? Ultron did hypnotize Jarvis (the original butler, not the AI) into working for him in his first appearance, but that’s it.

  • Micah 李 文 Jung

    how the fuck is this a GOOD THING HANK PYM CReated ULTRON!

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