Tom Hiddleston Talks The Avengers, Thor 2 And More

Speaking with Collider at the press junket for The Avengers, Tom Hiddleston spoke out on what he’s excited about doing in Thor 2, The Avengers, his reaction to reading the script for the first time and more. Watch it below:

Tom Hiddleston on Thor 2:

“It’s probably time for another villain. I’m most excited about really taking the relatonship between Loki and Thor to another level. Because obviously the action of Thor 2 will have to begin where Avengers leaves off and what interests me and I think Chris too is what’s Odin going to say about all of this and about what happened in Avengers and can Odin and Thor find forgiveness for Loki in their own hearts and Loki accept that forgiveness, can he forgive himself? What will it take to bring Loki back from the brink of the dark side. And then Thor has to deal with everything that’s happened up at Asgard during his absence!”

Tom Hiddleston on his first reaction to the Avengers script:

“I was blown away. Because the movie that you have seen is the screenplay that he wrote. Nobody tinkered with it, nobody said ‘hmm we need to change this’. Of course there were revisions because on the day that always happens. But the nuts and bolts of it, the flesh and bone were all there. The drama, the character, the humor, the spectacle it was an incredible feat of screenwriting. One of the best scripts I’ve ever read.”

SOURCE: Collider

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