Thor and Loki Will Fight… Again

Thor and Loki are quickly becoming the Pacquiao & Marquez of the silver screen. With only 3 films under their belts (including 2013’s Thor : The Dark World) the Asgardian duo will have brawled in all 3 of Goldilock’s flicks by the time the sequel is released.

Now, I’m not one to complain about Mjolnir swinging action, but come on Marvel. How long can you milk the Loki-teet? Eventually, you’ll need to retire that silky green cape and free up the arch-nemesis role for a different villain.

Although, this latest fight scene sounds pretty damn amazing. If Bleeding Cool is being truthful (and they often are) the two gods will come to blows in a massive battle, which required 500 extras just to film.

Tom Hiddleston hinted about the scene on his Twitter:

So whatcha think? Are you happy that Loki will have a bigger role? Or is he too overused?


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