There’s A Namor Easter Egg In THE AVENGERS!

We know, we’re pretty amazing. Yesterday while watching The Avengers at the beginning when Loki brainwashes Hawkeye, next to Agent Barton is a neat little logo, which is kind of a dual easter egg. Here’s the photo I snapped below:

In the comics, Oracle is the name of the company that Namor eventually becomes CEO of when he’s above-ground, which aims to reduce pollution levels (in the ocean of course). Oracle is also the name of a real tech company that has partnered with Marvel in the past, including playing a part in the Iron Man 2 viral-of-sorts and getting easter eggs in both Iron Man movies. Are you looking forward to Namor The Sub-Mariner’s big-screen debut? Sound off below.

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  • Andy

    This is NOT a Namor reference, it’s a Sun Oracle brand placement…