The SPIDER-MAN Reboot Has an Aunt May!

Has anybody else noticed how the actresses to play Aunt May have been getting progressively younger? Rosemary Harris was 75 when Spider-Man was released; Sally Field was 66 for The Amazing Spider-Man, and word has just hit that the 50-year-old (and very attractive) Marisa Tomei has been cast for the new Marvel Studios-led reboot.

marisa tomei spider-man

I’ll be honest; I have absolutely no idea who this lady is. I’m sure she’s great, but I haven’t seen any of her screen appearances. Crazy Stupid Love? Nope. The Ides of March? Nah. Not that I’m a geek-movie-only guy by any means – people like that tend to live in their basements, like most of the UTF writing team. I guess I will have to take a look at these movies. However, as Variety notes, this is an interesting new direction for the actress.

One thing is for sure – it’s great that the cast is being filled. After Tom Holland was cast last week and Jon Watts was chosen as the director, I don’t think anybody really expected more updates for a while. The site also says that they’re looking for a writer at the moment (hey, I’m available!), so hopefully we should get some news on that soon as well!

Spider-Man (or whatever the hell it ends up being called) is out July 2017.

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