The Older Brother Of Thor Cast In THOR: THE DARK WORLD

Earlier today we reported that the man behind Joe Chill (Richard Brake) in Batman Begins had been cast in Thor: The Dark World, along with Clive Russell, but they were both believed to be only minor additions. Deadline is now saying that these (well, one) roles are in fact rather pivotal, one of them being the older brother of Thor and the God of War, Tyr.

Russell has been cast as Tyr (why they’re introducing him now and not in Thor I have no idea), while Brake has been cast as a “captain in the elite Einherjar, a warrior team that in the mythology fought alongside Thor on numerous occasions.” Is it just me, or is this movie a little too crowded? Anyway, unlike Loki, Tyr is a biological son of Odin, and the eldest, even though Odin referred to Thor as such in his solo movie and for some reason nearly crowned him king.

From L-R: Richard Brake – Clive Russell. Banner courtesy of CBM
Anyhow, what do you think of these rather late casting additions? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Deadline

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  • Fats Mclemlich

    Did they say Tyr would play Thor’s older brother in the film? Or are they just going off the mythology? In the comics, Baldur is the only older brother of Thor, and that was a fairly recent revelation

    • Donar Sung Khan

      no, in the comics thor was the oldest, remember because only odin and thor knew about the secret of balder and did not reveal it.thor was a preteen it was also hinted at in some issue years and years ago

      • Fats Mclemlich

        So… we’re agreeing that Balder was the oldest, but that it wasn’t shown in the comics for a while?

        BTW, do you remember Tyr’s recent activity in the Thor comics? He lead the troops in the battle against that Japanese Deity (or, at least I believe that was the story arc). Would be intersting to have an imposing figure like that onscreen.

        Someone who gives Thor a run for his money

  • bmg314

    Perhaps they will write him as Odin’s illegitimate son, maybe even cast off, (ala Jon Snow in Game of Thrones) and therefore ineligible for the throne. Perhaps he returns to aid Thor in some manner?

    Just a thought…