The INFINITY STONES are Revealed!!

During the post-credits sequence of Thor way back in 2011, we got our first look at an Infinity Stone: the Tesseract, later identified as the Space Stone. Since then we have seen a bunch more pop up and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed forever, as well as radically changing cinema. It is strange to sit and think back to the simpler times of Phase I, and the even simpler times of standalone superhero films prior to that.

Three more of the buggers have appeared; the Aether, the Orb and the Sceptre. We knew that the latter two were the Power and Mind Stones respectively, but the whichever persona the Aether represented was thus far a mystery. Most people settled on the Reality Stone whilst some thought it could perhaps be the Soul Stone. It turns out the majority were right.

The home video release date for Avengers: Age of Ultron has been revealed as October 2nd, and with it comes a bunch of awesome goodies. The Swedish DVD/Blu-Ray retailed site CDON has some cover art for the movie – which is pretty awesome.



However, the back of the case has all the deets on the special features available on the disc, with one which is particularly interesting…


I am of course referring to ‘The Infinite Six,’ not the deleted/extended scenes. But those are pretty awesome as well. I wonder if this will be their name in the MCU rather than simply referring to them as Infinity Stones all the time. It’s not a bad change and one which is welcome because it keeps that mystical quality surrounding them.

“Now, UTF, that doesn’t sound like too much of a reveal! We’re off to Nerdist.” Wait just one lousy minute, people. Marvel also debuted an entire trailer for the Blu-Ray release which also teases the Infinity Stones featurette and confirms which is which. Check it below.


Yep, that’s right. Toldja. The Aether is indeed the Reality Stone. Big shocker, I know.

I’m excited to watch this featurette. Will it reveal more information on the Infinite Six? What they are? Where they came from? What’s yet to come and where they’ll show up? We’ll find out in October, but that’s still a hell of a long wait, so in the meantime I guess you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with Ant-Man or one of the ten other MCU movies. How will you survive?