The GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot has been cast — BOOOOOOOO!

Paul Feig took to Twitter and revealed his new cast for the female lead reboot that will, according to rumors, hold no continuity whatsoever with the original flicks. This is a remake of Ghostbusters, with a much scarier tone.

Ghostbusters Lady Squad

Kristen Wiig (best known for Bridesmaids), the always awesome Melissa McCarthy (Tammy) and two women from Saturday Nigh Live, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon round out the crew. Now I know all these actresses are funny and they’re  ready to “bust some heads, in a spiritual sense of course” but the 1984 film is a classic! Even by today’s standards it’s regarded as a comedy staple and one of a handful of movies that countless fanboys and fangirls will no doubt force on their children and their children’s children.

This could have been a pseudo sequel where the first team is gone, more then likely missing or dead because they tangled with the wrong entity, and these four women fall into a series of events where they find the proton packs and decide to go into business for themselves.

But what do you think? Is this a good idea? Or bad idea?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Ghostbusters Comic by IDW

SOURCE: Twitter

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  • Kondorr

    Couldn’t they simply make this a parody… and work on a proper franchise entry along the way…
    This casting seems like lack of confidence in the property in the first place… the want to jump street this one…

  • Chudsworth

    this is a bad idea….especialy because Melissa McCarthy is not funny!

  • Riley Miles

    Batflek will not be the one ruining movies for me. Will Smith as Deadshot will not be ruining movies for me. Swiss army knife lightsaber that is totally useless will not be ruining movies for me. Michael Bay will not be ruining movies for me. No. Ghostbusters 3 will.

    • Marvel Girl

      Why did u even mention Batfleck? perfect casting for Bruce Wayne/Batman!

      • Riley Miles

        I suppose you are right… but I’d still prefer Christian Bale return to the role (without his voice)