The DC Universe Assembles in Awesome COMIC-CON Pics

For many, the prospect of a working DC Cinematic Universe had become a pipe dream. What with that darn Chris Nolan’s meddlin’ and Warner Bros’ apparent lack of clear vision or understanding regarding their comics properties, most had assumed that we’d have to settle for rewatches of The Dark Knight Trilogy and occasional failed Green Lantern reboots.

However, we are now faced with tons of upcoming DC movies: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad next year, Wonder Woman and Justice League in 2017, Aquaman, The Flash and Batman(?) in 2018, Shazam and a Justice League sequel in 2019 and Green Lantern Corps and Cyborg in 2020. That’s a hell of a long game plan and a hell of a lot of movies. For the purposes of this article, it’s those first two movies which we’re gonna concern ourselves with.

We don’t need to remind you that both of those films debuted brilliant trailers at Comic-Con over the weekend that set the interwebs ablaze. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter we now have some epic cast photos taken at their photoshoot over the weekend with everybody (except Jared Leto) to really hit home that these movies are coming and we’re gonna get a working cinematic universe. Check ’em out.

batman v superman suicide squad group photo comic-con

UGH – they’re all so serious! Why can’t DC movies be FUN like-

batman v superman suicide squad group photo comic-con 2


Perhaps more interesting than the photos themselves is the other quotes pulled from the article. As it turns out, a lot of these actors hadn’t actually met each other before now.

Jai Courtney mightily shook hands with Jesse Eisenberg while Henry Cavill chatted with Will Smith, who introduced him to Jay Hernandez. Cara Delevingne and Gal Gadot posed for a selfie together.

Ayer and his Suicide Squad cast — Smith, Margot Robbie, Courtney, Delevingne, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Hernandez, Adam Beach and Karen Fukuhara — arrived backstage first. They rushed to the craft services table, scarfing down sandwiches and snacks.

I like the Suicide Squad cast.

If the movies are part of a big DC family, Batman v. Superman is the older, more mature sibling on which the weight of responsibility falls. Suicide Squad is the bratty little kid, chewing bubble gum and tagging walls.

“We’re very much a squad,” said Robbie, with her co-star Delevingne joking, “We should start a dance squad.” Indeed, the cast was seen taking plenty of selfies together, laughing at inside jokes and throwing up their hands in faux-squad poses during the shoot.

Yup, I like this cast.

I was going to attempt at naming all of the cast members, but fortunately THR have already done it, so I don’t need to embarrass myself even further than I already do (through writing for UTF!).

batman v superman suicide squad group photo comic-con 3

And to think – this is just two movies.

Suicide Squad definitely has the bigger cast, and I don’t envy David Ayer who has likely had dozens of sleepless nights worrying about balancing them all. People praised Joss Whedon for giving all the characters equal-ish roles in Avengers, but if Ayer can pull this off correctly then he’s truly done a great job. Regarding the movie, one thing many of us took away from the excellent trailer was how dark and miserable it was. Fortunately, Ayer has put that to rest, making it clear that this isn’t necessarily a dark movie.

“The real shock is how hilarious it’s going to be.”

I’m glad to hear this. During pre-production my initial idea of the movie was that it would be an R-rated and grimier Guardians of the Galaxy, so if there is actually a lot of humour then that’s great. Click back to THR to read some more about the cool-sounding photoshoot.

If we only take away one thing from these photos, then it’s this: the DC Universe is real, folks, and it’s gonna be so fucking good.

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