The Avengers Talk Their Future Solo Movies

Speaking with USA Today in promotion for The Avengers, the main four of the team Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo took the time to comment on how they think Marvel will handle each of the characters returning back to their respective solo movies, and putting them in a situation where they can’t simply call the Avengers or one of the Avengers to come help them out.

Q: Now that the Avengers have assembled, can we go back to individual stories like Iron Man 3, Thor 2?

Evans: If they can bring us together they can break us down. The real obstacle was making this happen. Going back to the individual stories — a piece of cake.

Downey: We’ve got it all figured out. Trust that there is a plan. And that it all makes sense.

Q: What excuse would you have not to come to your fellow Avenger’s side?
Evans: There could be dozens of reasons of why you couldn’t be around.

Hemsworth: Doctors, dental appointments. Family issues.

Evans: Vacations.

Ruffalo: Fighting your own battles somewhere.

Hemsworth: Lucky that’s not my responsibility. But I’m sure they will come up with some sort of clever way to have this all happen.


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  • Kevin

    Thor won’t be able to help because the rainbow bridge is destroyed, they’ll probably use the tessaract to restore the bridge. Hulk will be in seclusion because he wants to be alone. Iron man always has he’s own agendas. Captain America will be gyming a lot. and the shield agents aka hawk-eye and black widow will be on their own shield missions.