This Test Footage Proves Why Fox Needs To Make a DEADPOOL Movie!

Forget X-Force, forget Gambit, forget any of the recent X-Men spinoffs that Fox has expressed interest in doing. There’s only one spinoff that fans have been demanding for years: Deadpool! It has everything you want in a movie: action, comedy, explosions, and a mentally unstable protagonist who’s constantly breaking the fourth wall. Ryan Reynolds briefly appeared as the Merc with the Mouth in X-Men: Origins: Wolverine, but aside from his introduction, the movie butchered the character. Rule 1: DON’T sew his mouth closed! Rule 2: DON’T give him retracting katana blades, teleportation and optic blasts!

deadpool thumbs up

It’s been five years since Origins, and fans continue to ask for a rated-R Deadpool movie, and many want Reynolds to return as Wade Wilson. Someone from Fox will occasionally say they’re still looking to make it, but otherwise the project has been stuck in development hell. Well, now we have even more reason to want this movie. Over the Comic-Con weekend, someone leaked CGI test footage for a Deadpool movie. Even better, it sounds like Reynolds is voicing him in the clip, or at least a very talented imitator. Check out this masterpiece! (UPDATE: Blur Studios uploaded the official footage in high-definition, but promptly took it down. Enjoy this copy while you still can).

In case you’re wondering if this is fake, this closely matches the test footage that Rob Liefeld described last year. Considering he’s been close to the project for years, it’s very likely this is director Tim Miller’s test footage that Fox has kept locked away.

Funny quips, car crashes, kicking bad guy ass, Hollback Girl, they’re everything we could ask for in a Deadpool movie. Honestly, what more is there to say? This is amazing! It perfectly exemplifies why Fox needs to stop waiting around and make the movie already! With Reynolds possibly being replaced as Green Lantern in Justice League, now is the perfect time to step back into the role he was born to play.

We’ve said it before, Fox, now we’ll say it again with further proof on our side: make this movie!

SOURCE: Vulture