Superman Actor Praises Ben Affleck BATMAN

Man of Steel

Not much of a surprise here, as Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill can’t really go around town deriding his newest DC brother-in-arms with backstabbing comments. Imagine the British Superman at some hole in the wall, Dickensian eatery, wearing a blue and red t-shirt, stuffing his face with all types of gross Brit food (cockles, I’m looking at you), shouting “Of course he’s a horrible choice! Have you seen Gigli?“.

Cavill never would’ve lived to see the light of day. But no worries, as Superman only had the nicest things to say about that weirdo from Gotham. Check out the video below:

I naturally agree with Cavill’s praise in this situation. I think Ben Affleck is a great choice, even though I suffered from a period of doubt, as most of the greatest theologians do (this is the Church of Batfleck, please leave your donations in the bat-shaped coffers). Ben Affleck’s Batman will be the most physically imposing, at an impressive 6’4″, and he’s also the oldest thespian to ever play the role for the silver screen, bringing some much needed old man strength to this superheroes’ ball.  At one point, I wished he’d enroll in some voice classes, transforming his meek vocals into a more intimidating vox, but I’d actually like to see Affleck’s softer voiced Batman.  Especially after Christian Bale over-indulged in the ‘deeper voice=bigger badass’ philosophy during The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Ben Affleck and his OscarSOURCE: TOTALFILM