Storm and Cyclops in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

I love the X-Men movies as much as the next bearded, chimichanga devouring fanboy, but even I can acknowledge that this team of muties has a problem with bloated casts. With the newest sequel, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, well on its way, it seems like that problem is worse than ever.

You’ll remember a few weeks ago that FIRST CLASS director Matthew Vaughn abandoned the project (in favor of Star Wars, perhaps?), and that the creator of the first two X-Men flicks, Bryan Singer, called a very audible “DIBS!” on the vacant seat. The once-and-future director is trying to cram every last actor into this new, time travelling flick, having already pursued Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman.

Well, add James Marsden (Cyclops) and Halle Berry (Storm) to that growing list.¬†According¬†to MovieWeb, both actors are sought to reprise their roles, which seems a tiny bit weird, since Cyclops was killed off in X-Men: The Last Stand. Then again, this is a time traveling flick, so any plot point can be retold, especially the really pointless ones (Professor X’s death comes to mind, as well). Let’s just ask the doctor about it…

SOURCE: movieweb

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  • Dance Myth

    I really enjoyed Matthew Vaughn’s directing and vision for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. I feel that it was the best film in the series so far. I just really hope Bryan Singer makes the right choices on how to execute the story. I thought Marsden and Berry were horrible choices from the start. Hopefully he doesn’t ruin this.

  • J –

    Actually all three characters that died in the awful “Last Stand” can easily be brought back. For starters Cyclops’ body was never found. He could just awaken from a psychic state induced by the Dark Phoenix. The same can be the case with Jean Grey. It can be reveled that she was actually possessed by the Phoenix entity and that she was saved by that and has since regained full control of her powers. Lastly Prof X could have psychically transferred his entire state to the body mentioned in the movie on Myre Island that did not have a consciousness (actually in a scene after the credits). These points were easily extracted from the movie and the details were included/excluded so anyone could fix the mess caused in X3.

  • jimbo.

    Can we please have an African Ororo Munroe/Storm this time? It will do the character justice. Give her a deep African accent, like the X-men cartoons, and she will have more appeal to fans and greater authenticity as a character. Don’t write off her roots to appeal to Americans please.