STAR WARS EPISODE 7 Starts Filming in Spring with Hamill, Ford, Fisher

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Carrie Fisher has spilled the beans again, as she reveals that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Harrison Ford (Han Solo) will join her in March or April to start filming STAR WARS EPISODE 7. Director J. J. Abrams (or Black Glasses McGinty, as I like to call him) has yet to confirm any of these rumors, but when one of your star actresses outs your sci-fi plans infront of a national audience, it’s pretty hard to brush off as mere gossip.

Fisher already has the perfect costume in mind for her return as Princess Leia. She wants a big white wig and two giant buns on either side of her head, just like George Lucas envisioned her in 1977. Although, I wonder if Princess Leia is an actual Queen by this point in Episode 7. She’d be a little old to introduce herself as anything less than a monarch.

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As we reported a few weeks ago, Star Wars Episode 7 will apparently focus on the Original Trilogy cast, using those iconic characters to establish a story, which the secondary characters will conclude throughout the next two movies.

I hope Abrams borrows a teeny, tiny bit from the Expanded Universe, and gifts Fisher her very own lightsaber.   A Momma Jedi wouldn’t be such a bad idea, especially since all of the good guy force users were kinda killed by the Empire.  But that’s about all I’d want from the EU.  Everything’s just a tiny bit too convoluted for my tastes in those non-canonical books, comics, and video games.

If Darth Vader could barely toss a space briefcase in The Empire Strikes Back, how can his weaker apprentice lift a damn Star Destroyer in the games?  It doesn’t make sense!  And it spoils the lore!

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  • Matthew Milbrodt

    Princess Leia is a Queen by this point? Seriously? Queen of what, a now well spread-out collection of charred pieces of Alderaan?

    • Tracy_Denise

      Well, she may not have become a queen, but, in the books, Leia Organa-Solo did go on to become the New Republic’s Chief of State…

  • Manuel

    Actually Vader never had any trouble tossing anything in Empire Strikes Back. By lore he was simply toying with Luke. That and performing telekinetic attacks was a hard thing to do in movies and make look right. In the books Anakin/Vader pulls off many telekinetic feats…and in the movies themselves Darth Vader states that not even the Death Star is a match for the power of the force. So Starkillers feat of pulling a Star Destroyer out of the sky is believable with the lore as the force is all powerful. I can go on with quotes from both Jedi and Sith as well as many other feats that are more astonishing than Starkillers but that would take to long.