STAR TREK INTO DARNESS Interview Blowout – Villain Revealed?

As the Star Trek Into Darkness press begins, a cavalcade of interviews has poured fourth; along with lots of tasty nuggets for fans to tear apart. Here are some interviews with Zachary Quinto (Spock), Chris Pine (Kirk), and Benedict Cumberbatch (The villain – maybe Khan?!). Make sure you watch out for the slip by Quinto in the 3rd video where it sounds like he says Khan instead of Nero.

In the first we have Quinto and Pine talking about how Into Darkness will be a much “bigger” and “absorbing” film than the 2009 one.

Next up is a look at how Into Darkness is relevant today, calling Cumberbatch’s villain a “terrorist”.

In the final clip of Quinto and Pine, not only does Quinto slip up, fueling fanboy debates about Khan’s presence in the film, but they also explain how this is going to be a different type of warfare, and how the crew struggle to deal with Cumberbatch’s psychological manipulation.

Lastly we have a interview with Khan/John/Garth/Smaug/Sherlock himself – Benedict Cumberbatch:

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Finally, in an interview with Wired, producer Robert Orci said:

“I think in our minds, we always thought that we’d probably start outliving our usefulness after three movies. That’s a nice three- act structure for whatever story you’re telling.”

Personally I’m enjoying the mystery around Cumberbatch’s villain and if they can maintain the secrecy until the film comes out props to them and I’m sure it will be all the more enjoyable for it.

Source: TrekMovie