Spoilers! Some Man Of Steel Scene Descriptions

Some call sheets for Man of Steel have leaked (via the Man of Steel Facebook Group), giving us a look at details of the opening scene and scenes on Krypton. WARNING: Major spoilers below.

Set/Scene Descriptions

The first scene involves Clark in a bar where loggers like to frequent. This is a dive bar, the customers are a surly bunch as they like to throw beer cans and such. Clark will be confronted by someone named Ludlow, and he’ll have to keep his anger in check.

In a bar, singer, background music, beer cans thrown, airmen will have beer on them. traces of snow. beers thrown, logging trucks, pickup trucks, snow mobiles

Scene 62-1: Int Cassidy’s Roadhouse
Clark walks in the building, ludlow comes over, an argument with Ludlow.

Scene 62-2: Int Cassidy’s Roadhouse
Clark intervenes, Ludlow throws a beer in his face, Clark has to hold himself in check.

Scene 63: Int Cassidy’s Roadhouse
Later – Ludlow throws up on somebody, complains about the food.

Number five in the call sheet refers to Superman’s father Jor-El. The following information takes place on Krypton and it appears as though Jor-El has been wounded in battle by a sword, which is also referred to as an energy lance. Number 11 in the call sheet is referring to Lara, Superman’s mother, while number 46 might be baby Superman, Kal-El. Before Jor-El and Lara say goodbye to their child, Jor-El will infuse something into his heart.

Scene 11: Int Central Hub-Underwater-VFX
Number five (Jor-El) swims up to the central hub, retrieves Codex, alarms go off, dives back under

scene 25: Ext House Of El-Armory-VFX
Number 11 (Lara) touches number 5’s (Russell Crowe) armor, where someone’s sword went through, an energy lance

Scene 17-1: Int House Of El-Armory-VFX
Number 5 dons armor, energy lance, Kelex, sounds of Attack

Scene 16-1: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
Number 5 and ? .. Kelex and ? comes through the doors into birthing room

Scene 16-2 thru – 16-7: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
Number 5 and 11 say goodbye to baby number 1

Scene 16-8: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
#46 placed on table … Codex infused into number 46’s heart

Scene 181-2: Int House Of El-Observatory (Flashback)-VFX
Number 5 triggers blue …begins which penetrates number 46’s heart

Scene 16-9 thru – 16-13: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
Number 46 pod closes and goes into air

Scene 19-1 & 19-2: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
High Shot …number 5 and 11 watch from below

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the transcriptions. What do you make of this? Already predicting MOS’s failure, or is this the next Batman Begins? Sound off in the comments below!