Some Clarity On The Future Of The DC Cinematic Universe; Nolan Not Producing JUSTICE LEAGUE

Inside this month’s Man of Steel-centric issue of Entertainment Weekly was tons of stuff relating to that movie and the DCU in general – lots of juicy stuff. First off, Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov revealed that the universe set up in this summer’s Superman blockbuster won’t be standalone like in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but will allow “anyone to live in it“. Read what he had to say below:

“I think you’ll see that, going forward, anything can live in this world. [Nolan’s] Batman was deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone. The world they lived in was very isolated without any knowledge of any other superheroes. What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

“We’ll announce something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC characters and the movies we’re going to be making.”

He then went on to talk about Nolan’s Batfilms and how similar their approach to Man of Steel was with those movies, and hinting that they could eventually connect that world to the rest of their movie universe.

“One of the things we dealt with on the Batman films is, Chris dislikes it when you plan something, when you say, ‘I’m going to follow this up in the next film. He’s always said put everything you have into this film and then worry about the next film later. That gives the film it’s own integrity as opposed to being part of an overall plan. So of course the comic book fans, it’s hard not to think about [crossovers] but I, having done three Batman films and worked in that way, it’s definitely the approach we took with Man of Steel.”

“They do. Or they did. Where we go in the future is a whole other conversation,” Robinov said when asked if the Dark Knight movies would remain standalone.

And finally, the President was short and sweet when asked if the rumours about Nolan and Bale’s involvement in Justice League were true: “No, no they’re not.” Nolan’s reps also confirmed this with EW, saying he was busy currently prepping Interstellar.

What do you think? If you’re a DC fanboy then this should make you pee yourself with excitement, and if it didn’t… Well, go watch Avengers. Share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly