If you’re anything like me, then you love every single one of the Batman movies, especially Christopher Nolan’s latest run. But I’ve always wondered one thing…what the hell is up with Batman’s voice? He sounded like a normal-enough guy in Batman Begins, but when The Dark Knight came around, he morphed into a Stage 2 throat cancer patient.

Does Gotham have some type of bizarre Lozenge Ban? Does Bruce Wayne have a personal aversion to Vick’s Vapo Rub? Honestly, it sounds like thousands of tiny kitty cats are inside of his throat scratching away at his larynx and the resulting voice is some type of mixture between a guttural, vomit-induced heave and a gut wrenching, nut punch exhalation.

Well, CollegeHumor has discovered the truth behind Bruce Wayne’s voice in this latest video, just click play below!

So what’d you guys think? Pretty revealing right?

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  • Dane Ingham

    HAHA….nice article. I like the Sienfeld voice.

  • Spidethingiforget

    LOL at the fat guy in the suit, great voices