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SHANE BLACK Says Robert Downey Jr. Is Onboard For IRON MAN 4

“Will Robert Downey Jr. retire from Iron Man?”

This has been a sore subject for debate over the past few weeks, spurred in part by our crass little April Fools’ joke, but it looks like Iron Man 3 director Shane Black has decidedly squashed all speculation with one, pithy statement. When asked if Robert Downey Jr. will return for Iron Man 4, the Black-meister (ooof… that last name does not lend itself to nicknames) had this to say:

“I think he’ll be back for another one. I’m sure of it.”

Was he speaking with some special insight into the situation? Had RDJ confessed to him “Marvel’s gonna give me a shit ton of money if I play Iron Man for 10 more movies!”… or is Shane Black making a simple guess, based on the actor’s love of the role.

I’d like to think that RDJ has secretly secured a new contract with Marvel, guaranteeing that the actor will remain firmly in place until his death… and beyond. Who wouldn’t pay to see the adventures of Necro-Iron Man? I know I would…

Alright, maybe that fanboy-ism was taken a bit too far. I don’t actually want to see an onscreen cadaver, let alone as the lead character. It was a very bad joke! Who do you think we are… those freak-a-deaks at Collider?

SOURCE: Independent

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  • ComicFanatic

    What a misleading headline. Shane Black’s quote confirms nothing. You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing such a misleading headline.

  • tehshawn

    Be on the look out for Marvel Zombies coming to the big screen, sometime in 30 – 40 years.

    • http://WWW.FUCKOFF.COM/ G33KGUY

      yeah…mybe it will happen in tha future,when all tha marvel films has made & get a huge success,been waitin’ 4 a lon’ time now,hope they will mke it,can’t wait 2 c it. LOL!!! 8~


    i wish he could return 4 another 2 or 3 more films,than he can leave & gave some1 else 2 play it… LOL!!!

  • ebonstormz

    You have your wish:
    Robert Downey’s corpse scheduled to appear in Iron Man 11 http://ebonstorm.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/2181/

  • comicguy

    plese let this be true

  • Andrew Nicholls

    his contract’s up for the Iron Man series but he is in the next Avengers thankfully 😀

  • Tragic_Oblivion

    He’s already signed a contract for the next 2 Avengers movies!

  • IronMan3isaCompleteMess

    As long as Shane Black will be back, I won’t be.

  • Lance

    Weekend at Tony’s :)

  • Brian Kory

    The third movie already basically wrapped things up. Another movie doesn’t even make sense. I thought the third film would be well enough left alone. I enjoyed it but don’t see how you can make a 4th. I’m done with the franchise, it’s becoming Superman all over again.