SDCC: Thor 2 To Get A Subtitle?

In a matter of hours Marvel will host their panel at SDCC 2012, debuting footage from Iron Man 3 and revealing exclusive news on their upcoming projects, but IGN have discovered one of the announcements beforehand. Well, two. The studio are expected to announce that Thor 2 will now be titled Thor: The Darkest World, and possibly show off some concept art-type stuff for the movie. Additionally, the test reel Edgar Wright show for Ant-Man a few months ago will also be shown!

“The title will be revealed during today’s Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con panel in Hall H. We hear there may even be some footage from the film shown. (We’d imagine it might be visual effects/proof of concept-type stuff.) Want even more cool Marvel movie news? That Ant-Man footage that Edgar Wright recently shot will be shown to the fans, according to our sources. There will also be an announcement made about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, as has been expected.

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