While on a press tour for her newest film We Bought a Zoo, Scarlett Johansson has spilt some more tid-bits about the upcoming summer blockbuster The Avengers. While she doesn’t reveal any mind-blowing spoilers, she does make a haughty guarantee of “non-stop ass-kicking”. Check out the interview below…

The discussion about The Avengers doesn’t start until about the 2:00 mark.

So what’d you guys think? From all of the recent trailers, it sure seems like it’ll try to pull of a Michael Bay-like extravaganza, but hopefully with a bit more care for the characters. I’m still a little doubtful about Whedon’s direction style, myself.

I think he’s a terrific producer, and the perfect pick for writer, but I’ve never looked at one of his films and thought “Wow, Whedon really elevated the script to another level”.

Any thoughts?

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