Russell Crowe Won’t Return For BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN…Not That We Expected Him To

Despite getting its share of criticism, one of the high points of Man of Steel was Russell Crowe playing Superman’s Kryptonian father Jor-El. Although dying in the film’s first act after saving his son, he reappeared as an AI to teach Clark about his Kryptonian heritage and guide him through his conflict with General Zod.

However, if you were expecting another appearance from him in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, a.k.a. Batman vs. Superman, you’re out of luck. In an interview with Yahoo Movies, Crowe stated he wouldn’t reprise his role as Superman’s biological father.

I don’t think they’re going to use me again. I think they’re jumping onto a different stream. You know, they’re going with the different superhero worlds colliding [this time].


It’s possible that Jor-El could reprise his role in another movie down the line, but it’s highly unlikely. With the actual Jor-El long dead and the AI destroyed by Zod, there would be no way for Crowe to return other than through flashbacks. More importantly, Jor-El fulfilled his duty in the first movie. Man of Steel was first and foremost a Superman origin story.

Clark had the moral compass instilled in him by his Earth parents, but he needed to learn about his heritage from Jor-El and take the next step towards becoming the hero that would help the people of Earth “accomplish wonders.” One wrecked city, a dead Kryptonian general and a cool costume later, he’s closer to being the Superman we know and love. Jor-El accomplished his goal.


It’s not too bad, though. With all the DC heroes that will be running around on-screen in the next couple years, Jor-El can just chill with Thomas Wayne and Uncle Ben in the afterlife sipping on some brewskis. Not a bad way to spend your dead years…which are forever.

SOURCE: Yahoo Movies