Sony Has No Faith in ROBOCOP And ELYSIUM. Films Pushed Back.

robocop first look Sony Has No Faith in ROBOCOP And ELYSIUM. Films Pushed Back.

Robocop went in front of the cameras a few weeks ago, and it’s safe to say the response was pretty negative. Everything from the suit to the script was bashed endlessly, and still is. A few months ago tons of script details for the reboot came online, which sucked. Like, a lot. Anyway, the movie was set to hit theaters August 9th next year, but news has now hit via The Hollywood Reporter that Sony have pushed back the release date several months to February 7th, 2014. Of course, we shouldn’t worry, as tons of good movies are released in February.

Like Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Anyway, there’s already plenty of rumours surrounding the push-back. One is that the studio want to convert it to 3D (which is likely), but the other option, which is probably true, is that the rumours that there were lots of troubles with the script and production were in fact true. Additionally, Neil Blomkamp’s upcoming sci-fi movie Elysium (which was set to release March 1 2013) has taken Robocop‘s old release date, so you’ll now be able to catch that August 9th 2013.

What do you think of this news? I can’t wait for Elysium, but could care less about Robocop. Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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  • George

    The title is a bit misleading. Although we can’t yet speak to the quality of either film, the new dates both have significant potential.

    Sony appears to be taking a cue (or if they’re not, they should) from Universal’s Safe House by releasing RoboCop five days after the 2014 Super Bowl. I’m sure they’ll get a nice TV spot together that gets seen by tens of millions of viewers and, as a result, have a very solid opening weekend.

    A move from March to early August is, at least to me, an upgrade as far as Elysium is concerned. Especially since it’s around the same time Blomkamp’s District 9 opened back in 2009.

  • hiphopanonymous

    I was one of those that saw a screening of Elysium and it was amazing, this article says sony has no faith in it, yet all it says about it was that it took the place of Robocop. I went with a group of 5, 2 who arent sci fi nerds, and my ex gf went with a group of 3 girls and a guy. All of us really enjoyed the movie, the CGI (which wasnt all the way done) was amazing, and the action was intense. It was a well written script and Matt Damon played a sweet cholo.

    • Chris Bob

      How was the overall audience reaction to ‘Elysium’? I seem to be hearing both positives and negatives in regard to the screenings–but definitely more positives.

      But yeah, the article title is most certainly misleading. If Sony didn’t have faith in ‘Elysium’ they wouldn’t move it from an early Spring release to a late summer release, which currently pits it as Sony’s tentpole release for the summer.

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