If you were one of the few that actually saw Machete Kills in theatres. You know that the entire film exists just to setup Machete Kills Again: In Space. A third installment that would be entirely set in space. Robert Rodriguez has been talking about taking Machete into space since the first film. There was an opening faux trailer for Machete Kills Again. Which was similar to the original Machete trailer that played in front of Grindhouse (Planet Terror and Death Proof). A hilarious sci-fi exploitation mishmash of references from Star Wars and Buck Rogers. Obviously, Robert was using sets, props and costumes that he had laying around at the studio. From his now dead remake of Barbarella. We see laser guns, lightsabers and  Mel Gibson returning as masked galactic overlord Voz. I’m not quite sure who will actually be returning for the film. Yet, the faux trailer mentions a couple of names and included actors from Kills. That group included Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Mel Gibson (with a funny reference to Leo DiCaprio being the original actor), Alex Vega, Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara. I’m sure a steady stream of new actors will be added eventually. I’ve heard from someone who spoke to Danny Trejo about another sequel and he confirmed that Kills Again is a sure thing.


Machete is tasked by President Rathcock (Charlie Sheen) to take out Voz (Mel Gibson) after trying to start a nuclear holocaust on Earth. Before his mass exodus to a space station which he built. While kidnapping revolutionary Luz (Michelle Rodriguez) who is frozen in carbonite. Along with a bunch of Mexican-Americans who are forced to work/build on the space station. Now when could Kills Again go into production? Robert Rodriguez is currently working on post-production on Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and is about to start work on a remake of Fire And Ice. There is also the possibly that he could end up directing his original film Nerveracker,  a Predators sequel or even Sin City 3 which has been in development for ages. However, I could see it happening next considering all of the effort setting it up.

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  • darren cafferty

    This could be THE film of the 21st Century…I Can’t Wait too see it. Danny Trejo with a Light Saber. Fuck Yeah!!!!

    • NickAdam33

      Machete Saber. MACHETE SABER