Robert Downey Jr. Abandons AVENGERS 2, Marvel Names Replacement

It’s time to raise a clenched fist above your head, channel your inner Darth Vader, and scream a very trite “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” into the air…

Robert Downey Jr., that glorious thespian who’s synonymous with drunken, armored romps on the big screen, has abandoned The Avengers 2 and the role of Tony Stark. While we still haven’t heard the official word on the matter, I have no doubt this was initiated by money. We’ve known for some time that Marvel is tight with their purse, axing Terrence Howard after that actor refused to accept a decrease in salary. Since Downey Jr. already commands such a high paycheck ($50 million for The Avengers after everything was accounted), and he had just reached the end of his initial contract following the completion of Iron Man 3, the old dog may have wanted too much money.

And as if that news wasn’t hard enough to bear, the House of Ideas has already leaked the name of their replacement. Again, nothing’s been 100% confirmed yet (even though I think this Tweet counts as 100% confirmed), as I’m sure exec.Kevin Feige and crew are hammering out an extensive contract to ensure another Downey Jr. style fiasco doesn’t happen again, but it looks like Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm will be the new billionaire/playboy/philanthropist.

Pardon me diehard fanboys as I say… this choice isn’t actually THAT bad, but Hamm doesn’t possess the necessary mixture of playful sass and silver fox charm that made Downey such a catch.

Here’s the official tweet from Marvel, which only delivers a minimum amount of information, but you may want to see it.

What do you guys think on the matter? I love me some RDJ, but even I have to admit, Hamm is a brilliant replacement. Make sure you check out our Source link below, too.






Heyo. I'm Nick Dourian, the Editor-In-Chief around these parts. Now, I went to a few other sites, read a few awesome bios, and I really want to fabricate a badass origins story for myself, but I'm feeling particularly unimaginative today, so 'f' that jazz. I read comics, drink bourbon, and cook meats. Imagine Ron Swanson, but with a fuller beard and cuter eyes.
  • jj

    it’s april fools day

    • swfngl

      Tweet was made on Easter, if you believe the pic.

      • mel

        that tweet isn’t on their official twitter.

      • asdf

        because people never do pre-emptive april fools jokes

      • Michael Siegel

        did you try clicking the source at the bottom?

    • Emily Marie

      it better be- I didn’t find that tweet on Twitter so i think it’s fake– Thankfully….

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    • Predrag Kostic-Jankovic

      Ever heard of april Fools?

  • Bunny Stark

    welp if its true (god i hope not) then i will never buy or watch another marvel movie/product again. you could just as easily write Ironman out of Avengers 2.

    • Predrag Kostic-Jankovic

      april fools joke genius…

  • Weyod

    Sรฉrieusement ? C’est une blague du premier avril…c’est impossible, remplacer Robert…woah ! Je n’irais pas voir The Avengers 2…

  • Sup yo

    APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!

  • Chiara G

    Great April Fool! Never been so scared. Oh well it’s the 1th of April after all!
    BTW even if I love Jon Hamm, hands down… Tony Stark is Robert Downey Jr or the opposite, you decide it!

    • Tim

      …the 1th of April? Do you have a horrendous lisp or something? It’s 1st, as in FIRST. Not FIRTH, FIRST.

      • The mighty Tfear

        thomebody’s buttmad

        • Alex Cirillo

          I’m incredibly butthurt!!

        • Josh Pugel


      • ss

        oh wow, and nobody cares

        • Casey Wood

          pretty sure at least 31 people cared.

      • Becky Cooper

        that’s horrendously mean!!

      • TimsaDick

        Horrendouth, abtholutely, unforgivable. Goodneth graciouth. Hey errybody! Thith is thuper important!

      • Tom

        shut it this is not 9gag please.

  • Dally Anne Castro

    April fools! Not true!

  • Adriana Artine


  • Erica Joseph

    I will not raise a child in a world where RDJ is not Tony Stark.

    • Sarah An Jeremy Fields


      • Rรฉa-Rรฉa Buck Nekkid

        FACT! this better be a late april fools joke!

        • Marvel Vs DC

          It is an april fools joke see where it says “Make sure you check out our Source link below, too.” and click on “”SOURCE: AF””

          • Gloria Alafe

            lol, I was about to turn into the Hulk…(cough)…thank you for pointing that out.

          • Alysia Fey

            I’d have been right behind you!

          • Saturn5

            You’re not the Hulk! I’m the Hulk! Mmrrm mmrrmm. Why isn’t it working?

            Comic Book Guy: Oh, please! You couldn’t even change into Bill Bixby.

          • Jordan Lycan Gambit Lewis

            oh my god love that episode ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            how do we know that AF stands for april fools? april fools isnt a source its a saying.

          • Meet21

            Do us all a favor and click on that AF. Period!

          • DUH

            This article is written on april 1st. There’s your proof

          • Sumir S. Kapoor

            click on the AF and the open your mouth

          • guh

            Ya gotta click it

          • Jacob Sharp

            clcik the source and find out

          • Mets9870go

            Click it..

      • Rรฉa-Rรฉa Buck Nekkid

        FACT! this better be a late april fools joke!

    • -no name-

      agree ^

    • -no name-

      agree ^

    • Leah Ramsbottom

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m so friggin sad. I keep saying noooooo to my husband who is not nearly the nerd I am. He doesn’t understand. ๐Ÿ™

      • sigh

        Did you by any chance glance at the day this was written? Or hover over the AF source?

    • David Jewiss

      Agreed. I hope this is a joke!

      • oobi

        jesus.. just click on the source – AF .. it is an april’s fool.. _-_

    • Soufiane Lambarki


    • Guest

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.. Just pay the man!

      • Michael Siegel

        you guys realized the date on the article and the SOURCE at the bottom?

    • mappy

      I was raised in a world where RDJ wasn’t tony stark yet.

    • mappy

      read the comics, jon hamm actually looks more of a tony stark than rdj in reality

      • Gofuckyorselfin theassholebutl

        Go kill yourself.

      • Anna

        but RDJ made stark come to life and is already the iron man icon, you can’t just change that!

    • Daniel Baker

      Amen to that! Rdj made the charactor of tony stark, nobody can reach that level!

    • Myrenzo Whittaker

      Preach it, girl

    • Guest

      i agree completely this majorly sucks!!!!!

    • Wendy

      did you click on the source?

    • Ray McCullough

      Amen to that!

    • Ella CR

      Amen to that isn… WTF!!!! this is bull… his worth the money. i feel like raising the cash myself to pay him.. looool

      • Michael Siegel

        you’re dumb.. you realize the date on the article and the SOURCE at the bottom?

    • Ashley Weinreb

      Thank you I would let my kids see this with out RDJ

    • Ana Bell

      I second that motion.

    • antagonist356

      i wont even watch avengers 2 if hes not in it, this is the biggest mistake they could have made.

    • antagonist356

      this is an april fools joke. 6 hours ago, on 4/4/13 this was posted saying hes on the road for the avengers 2

    • Shanel

      LOL!!!!! I spit water when I read this.

    • Julie Anne

      I think this is a brilliant post Erica

  • zak42

    april fools i hope

  • s

    it’s april fools day. Here’s marvel’s twitter page. I couldn’t fine this tweet you spoke of.

  • Zsรณk Gyล‘zล‘

    I can’t believe it, he’s the original Tony Stark for me i cant imagine other actor in the Ironman armor. :'(

  • Emmanuel Puente

    Downey is the only reason the avengers was a badass movie. im thinking avengers 2 is going to suck. fist they replace Edward Norton and now this. yall suck.

  • Jerry

    you got me, great april’s fool joke guys!…. do it again and you will see a real life Hulk

    • Fats Mclemlich

      favorite response

    • Amber Jones

      there’s no way RDJ would give up a role he was born to play.

      • Gareth

        He’s stated that even though his contract will end soon hes more than happy to extend it because he believes theres still alot more to do with Tony Stark, now what a true actor he is when they want to see their character grow!

        • Roku

          That’s what I love about Downey as Iron Man. You can tell he loves playing Iron Man and wants to play him, possibly forever.

        • Matthew Lobo Willis

          … Not to mention their bank accounts!

    • Jay Wells

      The funny thing is, Marvel has been talking about replacing him for awhile now. so if it is true im not surprised.

      • Katherine Devonshire

        They’d be damn stupid to replace him, though. Like Amber said, he was born for this role!

        • Leah Ramsbottom

          So true. RDJ is the BEST Tony Stark I could ever imagine. He’s hott, witty, got the right amount of charm and exudes heroic sexiness. HE IS TONY STARK.

    • Becky Cooper

      omgosh! i so hope your right!!!!!!

    • Anthony Jamal Serieux

      sad thing is this was posted the day before april fools :/

      • No

        Time zones. Look them up please.

    • Juan P Rios IV

      they got us good….something made me come back and read your comments, good thing i did, hahaha

    • Ryan Boucquez

      No kidding, that was terrifying

  • Tony Stark

    the tweet was posted in march…..

  • Emily Sires


  • Rob

    Source: AF

    AF = April Fools

  • Teresa Anderson

    Worst news ever for those movies..I prob wont even watch it if thats the case. I really hope this is an april fools joke..but not very funny either way..

    • Michael Siegel

      um when it gets people to reply like this i think its hilarious

  • Fanboy

    I will not see this or any other marvel movie if Robert Downey jr isn’t ironman!

  • Liz Williams

    the tweet from Marvel was posted 03/31 not 04/01… can’t be April Fools… sucks if it is true.

  • Alex Smart

    April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aries Starr

    Please be April Fool’s..

  • Racheal Yates

    His contract ends with Iron Man 3, however, he already signed a contract for Avengers 2.. Calling BS on this one.

    • Jonx Ingeniero

      *points at date*

  • Anonymous

    A…April Fools….R-Right?…..RIGHT?!?!

  • Aicee Dap

    Nobody can do it better than RDJ.

  • Jilli

    hell no am i watching it what will the younger generation do a world with rdj is not a world i want to live in or my children to live in

  • Kenny

    Good joke, very good. Now cut the crap, this is worse than saying that the new Star Trek gets cancelled in post production.

  • horse

    April foo…meh

  • Paul Brajon

    NO NO NO!!!!!!! RDJ is Tony Stark, they cant replace him now, if they do i am not seeing avengers 2. Robert Downey JR has to be Iron Man. On the animated marvel series Tony Stark has the same voice as Robert Downey JR. He is and will always be Iron Man in my book. THERE IS NO REPLACING ROBERT DOWNEY JR AS TONY STARK!!!!! Period

    • Predrag Kostic-Jankovic

      April fools joke genius…

    • Michael Siegel

      how does tony stark have the same voice if hes not robert downy jr voicing it, and its an april fools joke relax there.

  • ethan

    I swear I will kill marvel if this is true cause Robert downey jr. made marvel what it is today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrodney

    Fake because if you go to their twitter account it isn’t there. this was published on april 1st so… and its easy to make your own fake tweets ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Jonathan Fowler

    Obviously an April Fool’s joke. The tweet they gave a screenshot of doesn’t even exist.

  • Jason Cerundolo

    No way! This has to be an April Fool’s joke. This isn’t like the Hulk where the actor changes every movie. RDJ has been playing this role for a total of 4 movies now. I’m convinced that nobody can do it better than he can. Recasting him now would be HUGE MISTAKE!!! Pray it’s a prank…

  • kk

    Oh please let this be an April Fools joke ๐Ÿ™

  • skinnyf4t

    click on the red AF next to the source under the find us on facebook thing…

  • Devin

    Idk about this I mean come on RDJ actually looks like freaking Tony Stark YOU CAN’T TOP THAT!!!!!!

  • Japa Alekhin Llemos

    and you forgot to mention it’s the first of april

  • ME

    i will not believe anything on April Fool’s day.. EVER

  • Justin Kang

    If you go to their twitter, this isn’t even there. I’m calling BS on this one

    • Latisha Hensley

      I’d call April Fools ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Michael Siegel


  • bert divietri

    I read that Marvel put a GIANT extra amount of money into Iron Man 3 because of the $500 million dollar surplus they made of Avengers. They are not tight in their moneybags. Infact it is the complete opposite. Do the math, FACE! This story is complete BS. I also read in an interview with Downey that he is not sure if he wants to do Iron Man in Avengers 2 mainly because he is getting old and feels some else may be able to freshen up the role. Not at all what this article says because it is BOGUS! FACE!

    • Predrag Kostic-Jankovic

      Ever heard of April fools?

  • Jennifer

    Where it says SOURCE at the botton, click on the AF. This was the only thing that got me all day. Now I am annoyed. LOL

  • Lisa Baxter

    No disrespect to Mr. Hamm… but there’s only one RDJ and he’s irreplaceable.

  • violet

    Fake tweet guys. All is okay.

  • bert divietri

    The thing is, is that you will watch them regardless. RDJ is not the only person who can play Tony. Just like you said “I am not watching Batman Dark Knight because Heath Ledger cant be Joker, only Nicholson can be Joker,” and then you were wrong and were the ass on a band wagon of human waste. I wish someone else was Indiana Jones in that last crap fest. That movie sucked.

  • Brad

    if RDJ isnt tony stark i have offically lost all faith in the Avengers 2 movie

    • bert divietri

      That is why you are a ass on the back of the wagon of human waste.

  • Jasmine Betterthanadream Heard

    more believable if they said 3 or 4…and that they was pulling the trailer for the 3rd one and pulling the movie because of some unknown reason at the moment since the 3rd Iron Man come out in may

  • Realist

    Playful sass?.. What are you, a fucking faggot?

    • bert divietri

      Who are you talking to? Did you really call someone a faggot? what is this 4th grade? You biggot.

      • Tony Stark

        Did you really just call someone a biggot (by the way: bigot)? What is this the 6th grade? You racist.

        • Cinnabonbon

          Did you really just call someone a racist? What is this the 8th grade? You hippie.

        • Peter Parker

          Did you really just call someone a racist? What is this the 1960s? You bastard.

  • Ace

    April Fools!

  • Carl Aquino

    Darth Vader: Obi-Wan never told you what happened to RDJ in the marvel franchise.
    Luke: he told me enough! he told me he’s still Iron Man!

    Darth Vader: No, Luke. They REPLACED HIM!

  • Thom Freitag


    Well played, writers… Well played.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      why thank you!

  • ariana

    take a look at the source.. they got us..

  • Bananana

    Well I’m sad to hear that if it’s true but hey who knows maybe the other one is better. But there is no way RDJ is too old I mean look at stalone and he does his own action scenes.

  • Derp


  • HerbaHero

    April FOOLS!!…
    And if this IS true…You can kiss the Tony Stark Franchise goodbye….
    RDJ and Starks characters are synonymous and cannot be rebooted.
    It was fun while it lasted….THAT IS if it’s true…

    • bert divietri

      Just like Spider-man right…? Just like Batman… Right? Are you that disconnected to movies and how they work. They will get your money if Tony Stark is played by Clay Aiken. And it will make more many than the first Iron Man.

  • Sonja George

    that’s one Mavel movie I will not be going to watch, the franchise just died

    • bert divietri

      You will go see it and you are full of crap saying that. Hater.

  • asdf

    guys look at the source plz and click it

  • Beelzemon Doppleganger

    From one business man to another, even on a day like today, certain things just shouldn’t be touched. This is one of them.

  • Valyeon Flygare

    Right where it says SOURCE just above the line “From around the web” hit the “AF” button.

  • RamGirl23

    I will be SOOOOO pissed if RDJ isn’t Iron Man in Avengers 2… That is a crime…

  • Caitlin

    Um…did anyone click the source link? It is an April Fool’s joke. No guessing needed.

  • marvel.dc.geek


  • Julius George Luscombe Jaramil

    please be full of crap please be full of crap please be full of crap

  • MelissaA

    My boyfriend showed me this and I swear I wanted to cry. Most evil April fool’s day joke ever, he will pay for this. -___-

  • Curtis Lee Sutton Jr

    I guess its karma……they’ve been whipping DCs ass for so long now that something catastrophic like this was bound to happen. This is the window DC needs to make a good JL movie and take back the thrown.

  • Alex Bekkerman

    I think it better be a april fools joke.

  • Propane Nightmares IX

    NO. This is so not happening…….I think I’ll never get over this awful news……

  • Chrissy Gugel

    and the Troll of the Year Award goes to…

  • corey2213

    beforeyou freak click on the source link

  • whitney

    All I have to say is that better be an April Fool’s joke



  • Masina Fairbourn

    You have got to be kidding me. Hopefully this is some sort of power play on marvels part and Jon Hamm is just Lockheart to RDJ’s Collin Firth and they’re just trying to lower RDJ’s price tag. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang reference…. Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

    There is no Iron Man without RDJ

  • Crystal Tafoya

    I hope this is an April Fools joke, cause that would be awful. RDJ is the only one who can be Iron Man, and if not, I will not watch any more!!!!

  • Brent Rohlfing

    April Fools guys, click the source. Damn.

  • disqus_ISgP0hy6t1

    April Fool’s.

  • Maj94

    This BETTER be an April Fools……..I’m going to cry……Oh God…..Not in my lifetime….PLEASE?!?!

  • Masina Fairbourn

    Now that I think about it there is no way Marvel would talk to Downey Jr. about his contract before the release of Iron man 3. If Iron Man 3 does well enough (which I’m sure it will) Marvel will have no problem spending a little extra cash on Downey Jr.

  • Amber Jones

    had me scared for a moment till i checked lol

  • Arcaneon

    April fools mothafuckas

  • Andie

    Maaaaaan, you got me good for a second there. Until I looked back to March 13 on Marvel Entertainments Twitter and there was no such actual tweet. Whew!

  • Donna Bella Castillo

    not sure if early april fools joke or real…

  • Meghan Hoehne


  • Epic Sauce

    I don’t trust any of these press releases today. This one isn’t as bad as the Peter Dinklage being replaced by Warwick Davis on Game of Thrones though. That one would have ended my life. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • IFred PantkornPlitapon

    Still playing APF!!

  • John

    Stupid. RDJ should just do this one last Avenger and then quit.

  • sandra

    noooooooooooooo he cant be replaced he makes this movie so funny and just plain good I cant see the iron man being played by another actor dude its just wrong .

  • matthew

    well i wont watch it if rdj isnt in the move he was meant for iron man and no one can take that from him wont be the same

  • Kristin Therrien

    Has to be April fools… no way

  • Adam

    Did anyone actually follow the source link?

  • Yellow Ninja
  • Gideon Land

    Downey Jr. is GREAT as TOny Stark/Iron Man… but I always thought he was too old in the role of the INITIAL Iron Man, that Started the original Avengers alongside Thor, Captain America, and Hulk. Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans look like Thor and Cap in their early days, but Tony Stark is pushing 50.

  • Amine’s Dreamin’

    April Fools… Trust no one.

  • Jedi Juza

    I don’t believe any highlights I see on 4/1… so post this again tomorrow if you want me to take you seriously….

  • J

    I call April Fool’s. Also, I’d like to point out that the issue wasn’t that Terrance Howard wanted more money, it’s that he wanted more money than Robert Downey Jr. In my opinion, when you’re in a movie titled “Iron Man” you shouldn’t expect or ask to be payed more than, well, the man who actually plays Iron Man.

  • Dan

    though this would be interesting, RDj IS tony stark/iron man

  • Jae-Jacki Respass

    click the source link. it has the answer on the truth ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lobelia Blood

    He is no iron man, NO i will be s pissed, i mean if RDJ is not iron man in avengers 2 i might not even see it, i will be pissed off though the hole thing if i do. i mean AAAAAAAAAAAAA come one im all hiped on Iron man 3 and they do this shit to me. come on people this shit is no fare.. I WANT MY IRONMAN and the only iron man is RDJ

  • Supergirl

    Stupid people are stupid. Obviously, no one really clicked the source, have they?

  • Mezie H


  • Briana Embree

    This is the source link:

  • Jess Majeran

    There’s a link on the bottom “SF”. Its an April Fools joke.

  • Becky Cooper

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! RDJ only!!!!!

  • Cynthia Shelton

    Please tell me this is a f&^%ing joke. RDJ is the perfect Iron Man! I hope they don’t plan on this Hamm guy idk if he can get the sheer genius that is Tony Stark

  • Katherine Devonshire

    God, that sucks!

  • David

    is this some April first crap, or is this legit? Because I just read something saying Joss was leaving and that ended up being a joke so. . .why cruel world? Why?

  • Nate

    Is this supposed make as an April fool?

  • Isaiah Campbell

    Its an april fools day joke. it has to be…

  • Twolf

    i dont want to live on this planet anymore RDJ was meant to be tony stark avengers 2 will most definitely fail in ratings without him

  • Jehovakiin

    Great April’s fool joke guys… right?
    Right… ;-;

  • lol

    april fools fuckers

  • Haley

    This has gotta be an April Fool’s joke, right??? Gotta be. I can’t picture anyone else as Iron Man! Someone needs their humor checked if they think this is funny…

  • Mr. Dillinger

    lol check the source am i trippin or does “AF” stand for April Fools? lol

    • Mr. Dillinger

      well i guess the source name is a link lol….this is one relieved fan over here lol

  • Reba Ann Snodgrass

    Lol the source says April Fools everyone – besides if you check twitter, that tweet doesn’t even exist.

  • krunal

    i am not going to watch avengers 2

  • Amy Camadeco

    Very Nice Happy April Fools, But seriously,the franchise would be so screwed if RDJ walked away. He was the one that set the tone for all the movies that came after Iron Man 1,

  • Elle

    if this isn’t an april fools joke im going to cry

  • Roxy

    Fanboys AND fangirls!

  • squid

    ill just say this. if thats true and this isnt an april fools joke i most likely wont even watch avengers 2 until its on tv. not gonna pay for it with out RDJ

  • JudeLawGuardian


  • ChangeyBoy

    check the source, it’s an April Fool’s joke.

  • David Fairchild

    SOURCE: AF for april fools people

  • Honk Peem

    My sister started crying and throwing a tantrum.

    She’s almost 30.

  • LO



    Check the source, shall we?

  • Tyler Joy

    did nobody click on source AF? apparently everyone thought the source was the tweet. look under find us on facebook… april fools mother fuckers!!!!

  • Amanda Holliday

    Oh Hell No!!!! RDJ is Iron Man no one can replace him!!!!!!!

  • Deadpool

    let me repeat a line from the movie DJANGO UNCHAINED: ” well F*CK ALL YA’LL Im GOING HOME, I watched ALL MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE’s FILMS, and all I CAN HEAR IS APRIL FOOLS! APRIL FOOLS! APRIL FOOLS! ” LOL indeed it caught me. however I really hope that they wont replace him… HE IS LITERALLY BORN TO BE A/”THE” STARK!

  • Allison Skehan

    this is horrible!!!! RDJ IS TONY STARK! replacing him with the douche from Mad Men is like a big hit to the nuts to every Marvel fan. PLEASE PLEASE let this be a April Fools joke.

  • Michael Klopfenstein

    Mr. Draper is the only MAN that could fill Tony Stark’s suit… hehehe

  • Casey Lindecrantz

    I will believe this when it isn’t posted on April 1st.

  • Hannii

    Dear god please tell me its April Fools…

  • Tim Lozano

    this better be a april fools prank because iron man and tony stark scream RDJ 1 billion percent….

  • Daniel Holland

    if this is the case we should fuck them over and not watch it.

  • 1D fan forever

    you dont replace RDJ it makes no sense. he was in iron man 1-3 and in avengers if you replace him screw me watching it, i hate when movies change characters, thats why i didnt watch the last the mummy.

  • Candi Powell

    u just gave me a damn headache…how dare they replace my boo…love me some RDJ

  • Dave Michel

    didnt marvel say they wouldnt relaunch iron man if rdj wasnt tony stark?

  • Jonathan Sowels

    FUCK THAT. THAT IS COMPLETE BULL… oh its a joke. damn.

  • Zain Khan

    its a joke guys, right where it says Source: AF
    AF as in April fools.

  • kahmoi

    lol my heart was pounding so hard until i got to the comments section and realized it was april fools lol

  • Otaku85

    there would be backlash for recasting the lead in the Iron man movie franchise. i pray no one is that stupid.

  • Otaku85

    there would be backlash for recasting the lead in the Iron man movie franchise. i pray no one is that stupid.

  • Sami

    RDJ is Tony Stark! Anyone thinking otherwise needs to slap themselves. I will not see Avengers 2 if RDJ is not in it.

  • Sami

    RDJ is Tony Stark! Anyone thinking otherwise needs to slap themselves. I will not see Avengers 2 if RDJ is not in it.

  • Mike Doerler

    wow thats messed up, i cant imagine anyone else being tony stark, hes been ironman from the start

  • Kellie Thompson

    if you do that then the avengers 2 will suck with out RDJ and two that guy jon hamm is ugley as hell

  • KickinShit

    if RDJ dont play tony stark in the avengers 2 movie i swear no one will go see its hell aint no point look what they did to the hulk 3 different ppl playing the same role at least keep the same tony stark shit cut that man his check.

  • KickinShit

    if RDJ dont play tony stark in the avengers 2 movie i swear no one will go see its hell aint no point look what they did to the hulk 3 different ppl playing the same role at least keep the same tony stark shit cut that man his check.

  • Jhavon Stevens

    This had better not be true otherwise the wraith of Thor and the rage of the Hulk shall most certainly be unleashed upon Marvel studios for replacing the only man alive qualified to play Ironman….Replacing RDJ as Tony Stark is like trying to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine….IT WON’T WORK!

  • Jhavon Stevens

    This had better not be true otherwise the wraith of Thor and the rage of the Hulk shall most certainly be unleashed upon Marvel studios for replacing the only man alive qualified to play Ironman….Replacing RDJ as Tony Stark is like trying to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine….IT WON’T WORK!

  • Andrew Thomas


  • Andrew Thomas


  • Gavin Nowak- Elliott


  • Gavin Nowak- Elliott


  • Adam Lm Shook

    thats fuckin bullshit

  • Adam Lm Shook

    thats fuckin bullshit

  • Amber Williams


  • Brina Nguyen

    This better be an April Fools joke….

  • Brina Nguyen

    This better be an April Fools joke….

  • Greg

    Waiting till AFTER April 1st before I buy this bullshit.

    RDJ has said he’s not making a decision till after Iron Man 3 is out and he sees how sales do (which I don’t really respect him for anyway…)

  • Cierra Williams

    I seriously doubt it’s true, because why the hell would he have done Iron Man 3 if he wasn’t gonna be Iron Man for the 2nd Avengers?

  • Franklin Benjamin Richards

    Could just do Iron Lad/Young Avengers add-in and have Iron Man himself show up only in costume in CGI… I mean, Jon Hamm can probably handle it to a minimal degree, but let’s be honest… he’s no RDJ.

    I mean it though, about the Young Avengers showing up in the film. Do it!

  • Leah Ramsbottom


  • James Methu

    nooooooo…no more RDJ no more AVENGERS

  • fanuch

    Yeah, so a simple search of “twitter” and “marvel” reveals that post never happened. Guess I can release the guillotsdpofasdf

  • Michael Sigl

    this has to be the biggest April fools joke ever… RDJ can’t leave Marvel… his dynamic with all the other actors is just to perfect

  • Julian Simental

    did anyone else click on the source ?

  • RAHamilton

    Tony Stark plays Robert Downey JR in real life!

  • Kat Walls

    I love how they even said, IN THE ARTICLE, “check the source”. They straight up said, “Hey guys, chill out, look at the AF (April Fools) for the source, and try reading an entire article for once, instead of seeing the title and flying into an un-earthly Nerd rage.”
    In all honesty though, I was totally trolled by an HBO fake article on GoT today, too. I’m not as high and mighty as I pretend to be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Chantal Blendeman

    if this is true (and please don’t let it be) i will not go see the avengers! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ No one can replace RDJ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ please let this be a joke :s and if it is…… it’s a bad one ๐Ÿ™

  • Pandoy Naliorf

    Happy april fools day.. LOL

  • Terry Lim

    Not funny man! RDJ is always the best actor for Iron Man

  • Eric Nordquist

    12 hours ago it wasn’t late

  • David Jewiss

    That has pretty much ruined my Tuesday

  • Robbie Newbold

    people.. click the source link… its titled AF for a reason

  • Marc Nader

    I’m getting tired of your shit, Marvel…you guys may pull that nonsense on Bruce Banner/Hulk but there is no way in hell you’re cutting RD Jr.!

  • daniel

    well know im not watching this movie now
    if robert downey jr is not in it

  • Jesi Lee

    just click the source link and calm yo’ tits. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had a mini-panic attack too till someone pointed that out to me.

  • Loki

    It’s false. This had me worried until I checked the MARVEL twitter and lo and behold, the tweet doesn’t exist. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tothian


  • 82nd Airborne

    Time to Boycott Marvel.. They make enough money the Greedy Bastards Leave the Damn Actors the Same!

  • Matt Kerr
  • Stark_Star

    12 hours since this was tweeted and only 5 retweets? I understand th3 5 favourites but 5 retweets?
    My sensors detect generous helpings of ox excrement.

  • Jen

    This is clearly a prank. i just checked the Marvel twitter account & they didn’t tweet what the one in the pic above..

  • Jade

    CLICK. THE. SOURCE. LINK… I’m seriously losing faith in humanity when people believe anything like this on 4/1…

  • Nikkita Archer


  • Brad Bird

    Nice April Fools joke…

  • Alexander Szatkowski

    ugh all this does is make me want to see Jon Hamm do Iron Man. worst joke ever.

  • Pre-warned_FanBoy

    Read the article in Empire magazine (April 2013); RDJ goes to some length to discuss his relationship with the role of Tony Stark and the challenges he’s facing giving up the role. Well worth a read.

  • Jonnie Jellard

    Well played..

  • Artemis Riley

    Please, for the love of Odin, please tell me that so many people did NOT just fall for this. I mean, seriously…its April Fools day…NEVER believe “gigantic news” that happens to be released on April 1st. The stupidity and gullibillity of these people astounds me.

  • Cate Blackstone

    Sorry but I can’t see this “replacement” being able to pull of the “flippant” comedy that RDJr manages

  • John Woo Kwon

    hey! hey hey!!.. wait a minute!… ?!!….this news is freak me out to angry.. you fool me man!! that was tottaly not official twitter of MARVEL!! hello!! marvel will not do the same like other movie who replace the Spidey!!.. Well it’s.. APRIL FOOLS!! hahaha!!! DAMN!! yah’ got me there..!! hahaha!!

  • Georgie Hilson

    NO.NO.NO.NO.NO……no. Robert Downey Jr .. IS Tony Stark … there is no other man who can pull it off… I will now go crawl into a hole…and cry…. D:

  • Keri

    You freaking JERKS!!!! Me and my fiance were about to trash all our Marvel collections and boycott forever!!!!!

    Good one…I am very glad to know my Marvel geekgirl heart can beat on as it always has.

  • Diquan Brown

    I bet you guys didnt check the source like he said

  • Meme

    April Fool’s?

  • Mohammed Jasim

    oo my gosh….
    i am awfully sad….
    ooo my god…

  • Han

    RDJ is still the best actor for Tony Stark, No one can replace him !!!

  • Olrac Rios Mil

    I thought it’s just a part of the “APRIL FOOLS” joke, but it isn’t. -_-
    If you have a new TONY STARK, better make IRON MAN from the start.

  • Olrac Rios Mil

    RDJ is born to be TONY STARK.
    Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away and what are you?

    Tony Stark: A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

  • Victor Hernandez

    Had me scared for a second until I clicked on the “Source” link. Lol

  • Jake S.

    I don’t know if this website was playing along, or too stupid to realize this was (clearly) a joke. I’m going to hope for their sake that they were in on it. #stupidfanboys

  • El-faham

    I am sure it’s April Fool ! I hate April fool

  • Ben Dawson

    The joy of reading these things a day too late and forgetting certain things still exist on the web…

  • Vicki Ogilvie

    I really hope that’s a very cruel April fools joke…

  • Asaad Hutchinson

    Oh, you guys are asses, Genius!!!

  • Lexi

    Please tell me this is some cruel joke. Love Hamm but he is not Stark let alone RDJ.

  • Pussy Crusher

    Such a shame it’s an April Fools joke. RDJ sucks. He needs to bring more James Bond and less Dr. House to the role. Stark is suave, charming and witty. RDJ’s version is snarky, arrogant and at times miserable and cynical. Where is the Tony Stark smile? I never understood why people think that RDJ was perfect for the role, much like I’ll never understand why an 80 year old Englishman was the perfect choice to play a 60 year old from upstate New York (Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier)

  • Zamzee

    He probably did not want to continue being Tony Stark to pursue other roles, especially with how Cheesy Avengers was, it was a great movie, I loved it but at the same time it kind of sucked on several levels. Then again I do not know Comic book lore very well, but Iron Man / Batman are my favorite heroes. They have the best super power… Money. Lol.

  • Lydhia-Marie Bolduc-Gosselin
  • Beth Gray

    Better be an April Fool’s joke because I refuse to watch Avenger’s 2 if it is truth.

  • Brandon Mann-culp

    gay as hell. if it rdj its no good.

  • Kathy Go

    if he’s not RDJ, then he cant be Tony Stark

  • Johann Vera Cruz

    actually I went throught the twitter account of marvel… and I didn’t see marvel tweeting about the new tony stark…

  • Andrew Hogsten

    Rob Lowe would be a solid replacement. Think about it.

  • Guest

    I don’t think I’m going to want to see the movie now. Since Robert Downey Jr. won’t be in it.

  • Angel

    Get RDJ back FFS
    No one Can replace him
    Just Like No one can Replace Wolverine from H. Jackman Common

  • Diego

    I wasn’t even worried, get rid of RDJ hah! Good one guys, good one -_-

  • Jacob Duncan

    I will not watch Avengers 2 if RDJ is not iron man. Its not right. He belongs there

  • Girl

    You better do not, and I say, NEVER, joke about something like this.I almost got a heart attack. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Muhammad Abdullah

    April fools

  • Talia Gifford Barrera

    Hahaha @ Erica Joseph, that is an extreme comment but so true! I SURE HOPE THIS IS NOT TRUE! I cannot STAND when they replace a character mid-way through a series. It just ruins it for me! RDJ is a PERFECT Stark.

  • Michael McDonnell

    There’s no news of this over the internet so it maybe a April Fool’s joke.

    • Jack

      It is one.The worst ever, by the way.

      • Michael McDonnell

        Almost had me convinced.

  • Scott Day

    I call April Fool’s. Iron Man put the slob back on top. Surely he isn’t THAT terrible that he has lost sight of that.

  • Scott Davies

    did you know that if you say gullable slowly it sounds like bannanas this was an april fools gag downey jr is very much stilll tony stark you should check sites like

  • Ben Richardson

    I almost cried so hard untill i realised this was an April Fools. That almost killed me!

  • Matt

    PEOPLE, IT IS A JOKE.CHECK THE SOURCE OUT! Anyway, I almost lost it…

  • Joshua John Booth


  • The Doc

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  • Michael McDonnell

    This wouldn’t be the right time to step down as Iron man but he can’t do it forever cause it’s a extensive part of your life, it’s 5 years of a 30 year work life so he spent 20% on his work life on three Iron Man films two Avengers films.

  • Peter Fitzsimmonds

    Although this sound very plausible, I have a feeling this is a joke for April fools

  • Lobelia Blood

    Soures: AF, that was so so not right, i almost cried. im sorry but RDJ is Iron man i mean , there is no other man for the job.

  • Yuoko Urameshi

    please let it be a joke!!!
    tony stark will never be the same without robert!!!!!!!

  • Roi Paul Magallanes

    Well, you can forget it. He is Iron Man. The suit and him are one. To turn over the Iron Man suit would be to turn over himself, which is tantamount to indentured servitude or prostitution, depending on what state you’re in. Terrence Howard can’t have it.

  • Anne


  • Hannah Hyde

    I’m just very much not okay with this. At all.

  • Sara Maria Zelaya

    don’t care if it’s april fools
    that’s just not funny

  • Alicia Marie Morris


  • Fiona Walsh
    my sentiments exactly

  • Daniel Baker

    If rdj leaves I will no longer support marvel… Robert is the only person who can play tony stark, he cannot be replaced! This really saddens me to say but if Robert isn’t going to be in the 2nd scavengers then don’t even bother making it. to the people at marvel,, pay the man the money he deserves and have a awesome movie that will make you BANK!

    • Michael Siegel

      you’re all so gullible. do you people even check “THE SOURCE” haha STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU SEE

  • Erik

    Not even going to bother thinking about maybe seeing the preview for the movie. Suck it. If its not RDJ, its not Tony Stark.

    • Michael Siegel

      you’re all so gullible. do you people even check “THE SOURCE” haha STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU SEE !

  • Kirsten Elizabeth

    Robert Downey Jr. was, and still is, the most impeccable “Tony Stark.” Not one person can possibly hope or dream to play this role as good as him. Maybe he did want too much money, but is it fair to dock his pay, while leaving everyone Elses the same? (I say this because nothing has been mentioned about the others pay being messed with) Either way, I know the only reason I will watch the second Avengers movie, is to keep an eye on the “new Tony Stark” and throw pop corn at the screen as I believe Robert Downey Jr. is the only possible man to perfectly play the role of the genius, Iron Man.

  • Michael McDonnell

    Click on the source AF it said’s April Fools.

  • Lesslie Pena

    They cant change Robert Downey Jr.. Because he is Iron Man.

  • Hannah Marie

    This is horrible! I can’t think of anyone else being Tony Stark but Downey Jr!!!! He is the ultimate Ironman. I may just cry.

  • Joe Rose

    I almost broke a lamp

  • Mitchell Lesy

    Whyyy RDJ? ๐Ÿ™ You didnt just play the part of Stark, to a lot of us, you ARE Stark!

  • Aron Sabaj

    April Fools?

  • LokiannaVIP

    Almost, so very closely, released my inner Hulk while screaming as Darth Vader, but I held off hoping for an April Fool’s. That picture when you click the link? Priceless. Well played people. xD

  • Gary Warren

    Burn the witch !!!!! We will not have anyone but RDJ, he IS IRONMAN !!!

  • Yasmine Tabone


  • Jesus

    best troll ever

  • Mรฉabh Kennedy

    You little shits…

  • chloรฉ grinhaffโœŒ

    this better be an april fools joke, i was ready to curl into a ball and die

  • Jim Moriarty

    Thank GOD this is an April Fools joke!!! Even though MARVEL does the best in picking their actors, replacing RDJ would not have been a smart move.

    • ‘Rafa Okumura

      I’m from Mexico, and if it is an April’s Fools joke…. it was hard… and painful, here we don’t celebrate it, but I expect that it were a joke

  • Chosk Perez

    Man is not going to be the same , Robet had the charmm , carisma and personality of Tony Stark , even in the Award he acts like Tony Stark no one could do that , thats why he is so great

  • ‘Rafa Okumura

    but RDJ is the best Tony Stark EVER! and Forever!!, why change him for a little money that he can get for the movie, he’s an icon… he’s Iron Man

  • Ashleigh

    ๐Ÿ™ Thanks for ruining my day. That’s half the reason why I watched the 1st Avengers movie.

  • Svetlio Abadjiev

    actually RDJ doesn’t have anything in common with the orginal marvel series tony stark… so please don’t cry so much.

  • Jonathan

    >April 1st
    Nice try.

  • Brittany

    thank the LORD this was an april fools joke. i was going to riot in the streets.

  • Ayla Laleak Holder

    Im not sure I will see the movie without him being in it. I mean he is a fantastic Iron man. This isnt fair.I hope that this is just a late April Fools joke.

  • flipping pages

    This is makes me feel literally sick in my stomach. Can someone please talk some sense into marvel entertainment?

  • Angie Hazelwood


  • Hivetyrant36

    While I congratulate the new guy on the part, Iron Man and even Avengers will not be the same without Jr. If it were me, Jr would have been a necessity and I would have payed him well. After all, the Avengers did make a ton of profit. Sadness. I’ll miss Rob Downey Jr.

  • Amy Greene

    I really hope that this was a really bad 1st April pun :O

  • Amy Greene

    Guys, check the source ๐Ÿ˜‰


    my god…….please don’t do this……I BEG YOU…PLEASE R.D.J. DON’T DO THIS TO US……….WITHOUT YOU AVENGERS IS NOTHING……../-

  • Alli Orrie Kelleher

    wooooowww i was totally about to freak out but the date is april fools and the AF source hahahahaha not a funny joke but you got me hahahaha

  • Mark Tha Menace Akpaka

    im just …disgusted

  • Philip Trad

    worst april fools joke ever…

  • Idiotsaroundme

    It’s an April Fools joke retards

  • Tammy Monique Brewer


  • Adam Schroeder

    Lol Avengers 2 is gonna suck!

  • Christian Jimenez

    i got freaked!! thanks for the info april fools!

  • Philip Trad

    this is the best/worst april fools joke ever played on mankind…well played marvel, well played

  • Dre’kai TheFranchise Coleman

    WTF well I’m not going to see avengers then RDJ made the move as good and livened up some of the dull moments he pours a lot of his own personality into his character which makes Iron man the most believable its stupid for marvel to let him go and better yet even paying him 80 or 90 million for a movie that have made over a billion dollars isn’t very much so let start a we wont see avengers 2 movement until the rehire RDJ

  • b_taejay

    are you kidding :O

  • stacey2085

    For someone so talented, wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted out – the Avengers wasn’t that good. He’ll be fine w/o the franchise but it may not do so well w/o him. He was the best thing about it. ScarJo was THE worst.

  • Macy Stevenson

    this apirl fools was the best one i have ever seen…..DONT DO IT AGAIN

  • marvel is retarded

    im boycotting the entire Marvel cinematic universe if this bull$hit is true!

  • Chloe Borders

    this is so not okay….RDJ has to be Tony Stark! He makes the BEST Tony Stark, like his personality in general fits perfectly. I’m so sad :C

  • brandon carter

    this was published on april 1st…jesus so many plebs don’t know how to read an article ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Shaune Lam

    Fuck, I will hate Avengers 2, only RDJ has composure of Tony Stark.

  • Shaune Lam

    Oh wow, I logged in with my facebook account and it shows my pro pic from like 3 years/4years ago.

  • Devone Gray

    An April Fool’s joke is only funny when everybody knows that it is a joke.

  • Shaune Lam

    Hey if this is about money, just pay him, I don’t care how much, I bet the amount of money that people pay to watch RDJ as Tony Stark is way more than the 50 million that he was paid for in the Avengers.

  • Shaune Lam

    If nothing is written about this on IMDB for Iron Man 3 or on RDJ, this is a fake.

  • Emmanuel Jimenez

    Do it for the fans not the money. If this is true Robert you have really disappointed me. Your one of my favorite actors.

  • Lauren Rae Kidwell

    no, no, no, no, no!!!! this officially is the worst thing ever. the avengers will not be the same without his sarcastic, cuteness. RDJ is the only person who can play tony stark and nail it.

  • Matt

    Marvel 2 gonna suck without RDJ.

  • Matt

    The avengers 2 * xD fail

    Gonna suck without RDJ.

  • Sarah Lee ์ด์‚ฌ๋ผ

    hoping this is a late april fool’s day joke…

  • Richard Chance

    Jon Hamm is a terrible replacement. I will not see this movie if it isn’t RDJ.

  • Ashes

    I was about to cry until I checked out the source link. Then I went all Harley Quinn and laughed maniacally. Good one… good one.

  • Dovahkiin

    My little nerdy heart is broken. :[

  • Yvonne Nicolas

    No Robert Downey Jr. in the next Avengers? *sigh* Will Hamm be just as good, or better than RDJ as Tony Stark? *smh* I don’t think so.

  • John Nelson

    I think this is a stupid aprils fools joke.

  • Guest
  • Tom

    Not to mention John Hamm’s “package” allegedly won’t fit in the Iron Man suit, or will at least need it’s own armor

  • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

    I will not watch it if hes not in it.nobody can replace tony stark.

  • Logan

    Avengers is by far my favorite movie. I just don’t think the sequel will be the same without RDJ, though. I might give it a chance but I’m not even sure if that. Very depressing to hear.

  • dont make me laugh!

    ohh hell no! you better said this is just APRIL FOOLS

  • Mrsz Fantastic

    it wont be the same without RDJ

  • Ryan Montgomery

    Was posted yesterday…

  • Irene Secuelan

    The article’s right. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! -_-

  • Bob-Jim Davidson

    ohh my god! thank god that was an april fools joke…. i nearly killed myself, flippin heck don’t do that to me again…. phew!

  • AnUnknownKiwano

    99% sure its an april fools joke

    • Mikey Netka

      check the source

  • Mikey Netka

    what a cruel joke

  • Bonnie Slusser

    Will not be seeing this movie Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man this is just the worst possible movie news ever, NO!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Marie

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is terrible!!!! RDJ IS Tony Stark- no one can do better!!This better be an april fools joke!!

  • DragonClaw

    This is a sad day for the world. No wonder a huge storm just kicked up…

    • Robin White

      Its a April Fools Joke

      • DragonClaw

        Oh goody,I did not see the date for it XD

  • superheros rock 13

    this is not happy news!!! I’m hoping this is only rumored ๐Ÿ™ if it isn’t I’m so mad, sad and disappointed ๐Ÿ™ I mean really! over money issues! that’s ridiculous! I’m so very disappointed in actors today. how even tho they have so much money all they want is more and are willing to let down fans because of it… sincerely one sad fan…

  • Robin White

    April fools

  • StevenW


  • Elise

    Cute April Fools Day joke guys. YOU GAVE A HEART ATTACK.

  • Marisa Nerdfighter Newland-Tim

    April Fools, Bitches! Some people didn’t read the source page…

  • Andres Jose Encerrado Manrique

    Aprils fool?

  • me


  • Arakamune

    they should have paid what robert wants lol now the movie will suck

  • Mita Ruth-Marie Gonzalez

    This is BS, RDJ is the only Tony Stark for me. They better not replace him or I will not take my kids to go see this movie.

  • FGHRT8

    You can’t replace the iron man it’s like if they changed the actor of batman in the last movie the movie changes

  • jeanna burch

    Check the source everyone! It’ll make you feel a little bit better.

  • rose.m pena

    this is a joke..and if it aint it should be.You guys stand to lose alot of money,just pay the guy what he wants an leave RDJ where he belongs thats why you guys that make the movies lose money an viewers when you change up the actor ,it’s hard to actually sit an watch crap like that when your so use to the normal character in which he plays damn well if i might say so, an to actually stay attentive to a totally differant character not good guys .YOU NEED TO SERIOUSLY RETHINK THAT ONE

  • Laura Catalan

    I literally started crying…… ='( until I saw the April’s Fool thing… I hope is true….. cuz I’m one of those….. I LOVE RDJ LIJE NOTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD….. haha

  • Laura Catalan

    I meant… LIKE haha

  • ArmyWife93

    Guess I can take Avengers 2 off my must-see list. If RDJ won’t do it then don’t even have Iron Man in the Avengers! Duh…

    • Laura Catalan

      I know it would be stupid… to even think of making a new Avengers movie without RDJ….

  • BATGIRL225

    You evil bastards! How dare you give me a heart attack!

  • rose.m pena


  • Laura Catalan


  • Brooke

    I was so scared when I saw this that I almost peed myself.
    … then I clicked on the source.
    I bet RDJ was behind this one.

  • Sarah Wang

    NO NO NO NO ONE can be a “brilliant replacement” for RDJ!

  • Emmanuel Jimenez

    Wow got me. Your awesome Tony!

  • dodgerskingsfan

    considering its this close to april fool’s day, id think twice.

  • Josue E. Villagrana

    The entire movie I will be distracted by the “What would RDJ have said”.

  • Federico Gรกndara

    if you cant make Downey Jr happy with some extra millions.. you can kiss your successful franchise income goodbye… YOU’LL RUIN EVERYTHING !

  • AZ

    okay seriously people this is an April fools joke read IT! on April 1st posted and click the link and boom it says April fools really don’t take everything you read on April 1st seriously and always check the links and the dates.

  • Timan Zheng


  • mudturtle1976

    Pay him! He is Iron Man!!

  • Timan Zheng

    april fools

  • Mets9870go

    Click AF there’s a huge April fools picture

  • Eric Wolf Schuller

    There is no god.

  • shyttaco

    It’s an april fools joke ass!

  • hansomest1

    this better be a april fools joke cuz robert downey jr is tony stark thats it

  • Annie

    That tweet from Marvel was on Aprils Fools joke, RDJ said that that he will continue being Tony as long as the public accept him.

  • Aelx

    They better not change any character that’s the stupidest thing ever. RDJ is Iron Man always and forever he does it soooo well

  • Linesward

    I nearly shit my pants…

  • Tiffany EndlessDreaming Branso

    no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Sam

    The tweet was made on the 31 of March, hopefully an early April Fools.

    • Michael Siegel

      the tweet wasnt reall….

  • Crystal Jackson


  • Phil Cook

    Please God, let this be an April Fools thing…


    Hamm dumb choice, the story line has more than once indicated that Tony Stark felt too old. S.H.E.I.L.D. revealed that it wanted a different Iron Man and only asked Tony back in real pinch. Let the story grow new, maybe a Tony love child or grandson of his rich father. The story is due to grow not just replay old comics.

  • Joshua Higgins

    hahaha the worst april fools joke…I shed a tear before I checked the source…

  • William Valverde

    that was just not funny….. That was a sick April Fools joke…. ๐Ÿ™

  • eric

    this fake it’s not on twitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher Rice


  • lostin.sec

    Happy April Fools.

  • buddhapanda


  • Rach Mawson

    NOOOO!!! Please let them keep Downey Jr!!!

  • Crosby Lewis

    not a bad second choice. i must say

  • Nick Vela

    Robert Downey Jr is not only abandoning the movie, but he’s abandoning his fans. If he wants to walk out on us then fuck him! I’ll go watch the new Avengers movie without his greedy ass. While I’m at it i may as well boycott his other films out of spite

  • Popoy

    april fool’s?

  • Guest

    looked through my whole twitter feed for this tweet on their profile… I’m not seeing it. the last tweet on march 31 was at 6:30, so either they deleted it or… this is fake.

  • Anthony Privitera


  • Ponglord Villa-Abrille


  • Matthew Doyal

    fucking bull shit

  • Oscar Estrada

    Well im not seeing that shit anymore. no siry

  • James Smith

    what the hell man,they should have roped him into a contract.

  • Kilo214

    Who gives a damn!!!
    just make a good avengers II and no one will give a ____ who plays stark

  • Jessticle Burling

    I got fooled :/

  • Aida Higuera

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No who ever took the decision is INSANE!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THIS IS A JOKE! And not a funny one!

  • James Duckett

    Is Marvel going to have Jon Hamm wearing tight pants, to emphasize what so many of you have been “Marveling” about?

  • Batfreak

    lol at all the idiots who fell for it.

  • Naomi Marie Allen

    it’s the Apocalypse….RDJ…..why did you….how could you…..i just cant say i dont love you anymore

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    April Fools yes.. But what if Downey wants to move on in the near future?

    At some point the man is getting older, then so does the character, they’ll need to replace him eventually.

    If Marvel were to cut Downey from the role because of cash issues, I say the hell with them.. But if Downey is the one that says, “I want to move on, I’ve done my part with the character so I need to let someone else take the suit!” then I would have agreed with this fake story.

    Hamm would be a good casting choice to follow Downey in the terms of selling the comic’s billionaire look and appeal.

    If not who else could sell us the Stark vision?

    Again, happy that Downey is still the main guy, but we need to remember that at one point actors want to try different roles, different movies and Downey is one of those versatile actors that can play about anything they want and sell it! At some point he’ll want to move on.


  • Megan Hanekom

    Nice attempt at an April Fool’s prank! If you actually went on that Twitter page, that tweet doesn’t exist. But I do applaud your efforts.

  • Christiam

    This really scared me for a second!! Good one -__-

  • Andrew

    Did any1 see that this post was posted on April 1st? This could just be a joke.

  • Guest

    lets hope this is a late april fools, if not while I hate the idea of a different actor playing tony stark, I also hate greedy actors who have no real justification for their wage packets. what happened to loving the job. some demands really just take the pee. so if he wont take the deal offered then he doesnt deserve the contract

    • Michael Siegel

      it was posted on april 1st, it wasnt a late april fools, you’re the late one.. IT

  • Aaron James Anderson

    I love Robert Downey Jr., but I like Jon Hamm and I hear that Don Draper (also a rich playboy) is a bit of a bad ass so I think he’ll do just fine. It is a shame that the money MAY have taken more precedence for the actor than getting the chance to continue playing such a great character in such a beloved universe. Ohhhhh well :/ I’m still going to be there on the premier night.

    • Michael Siegel

      its a shame its not real and this post was pointless.

  • BFC

    it better be a april fools

  • Vinny

    This sucks. Why can’t they ever do something just for the fans? Pisses me off.

  • Elena Perez

    I will not see Avengers 2 if Downy Jr. isnt in the movie!! He makes Tony Stark and no one can replace him!!

  • DookieTwinkle

    April Fools

  • Susan Adams

    No!!! I love Robert Downey! I’m not sure if I even want to watch it without him. Sure Thor will be gorgeous to stare at, but Mr. Downey keeps the juices flowing. Don’t deny the juices!

  • ninja pizza

    almost had to start a petition there.

  • broduken

    That was one of the best april fools pranks ive seen

  • JiLie

    This really sucks… just dont even bother making another Iron Man… I’m even sad to say not even an Avengers 2, its not guna be the same…. BOO… JUST PAY what (RDJ) asking for….

    • Michael Siegel

      lol you’re stupid ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shane

    I really don’t like this, but if anyone has to take over, I’m glad it’s Hamm.

  • Tony8544

    I was about to go Ironman on the new actor

  • Ashley Weinreb

    That fucking pisses me off there is no one that can replace Robert Downey Jr he is Iron Man he is Tony Stark no one can replace him I don’t think that they should even think about having this guy from Mad Men to play Tony Stark this is so stupid

    • Michael Siegel

      good things its a joke.. but thank you for this hilarious over the top nerd reaction about a comic book movie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jackie Martin

    it isn’t even a late april fools joke the tweet is from 3/31

    • Michael Siegel

      it is an april fools joke.. the SOURCE SAYS AF: and is a link TO A picture saying APRIL FOOLS with RDJ as tony stark.. lol foool.

  • Colin Carter

    The source is AF…

  • skoonae

    looks like north korea and the terrorists won

  • Raven

    omg i literally had a mini heart attack till i clicked on the AF link

    • Michael Siegel

      omg thank you for actually checking your sources.. haha

  • Paul
  • Jonathan Faidley

    Wont watch it now

  • Carissa

    if any of you have decided to look at marvels actually twitter page the tweet doesn’t even exist.
    that and the AF source.

  • Autumn Sellers

    Not cool at all!

  • Ashley Austin

    Guys, this was tweeted the 31 of March, which means it was probably an April Fools joke. And that tweet has been deleted. On another note, if you sign a contract, like RDJ has for Marvel, you can’t just decide to quit and not play him. He would have to pay so much money just to break the contract, far more then he’d be paid to play him.

  • Conner Talbot

    This was written on April 1st. I sense April Fools is amiss…

  • Olivier

    Fake. This Tweet never existed.

  • Not Cool

    not funny you little shits…..

  • Brittney

    i think it sucks, no one will be a better Tony Stark than RDJ…this new guy’s not that good…not looking forward to anymore iron man/avengers movies

  • JohnZee

    Downey came to the same conclusion a lot of people have. In no way can Joss Whedon follow Shane Black. Just not possible. Whedon is a mediocre talent, a good fan boy director, but don’t kid yourself he is not in Black’s league. Look up Whedon’s reaction after watching IM3. He’s right, he can’t come close to touching what Black did with Stark or any others in Avengers 2. To even attempt would just make Downey look like a joke. Downey knows that. Whedon is enough of a man to give Downey personal call and confirm his suspicions. You really think after cashing a $50 million dollar check it was about money? Good luck with that.

  • Jaylen Jaythewolf Thompson

    It’s an april fools joke everyone chill

  • TheArmoredAvenger

    This had BETTER be an April Fool’s joke!!!!

  • Mike Thomas

    God you people are rediculous. It was written on April Fools day, with the source AF. It’s a joke. Marvel isn’t stupid enough to recast RDJ. He is by far the best actor out of all the Avengers, and the most popular. They would make everyone else take a pay cut before they cut RDJ. And hello? The true “hero” at the end of Avengers 1 was Iron Man. They cannot get rid of him. Jesus! Open your eyes!

  • Saidah King


  • Raja Ayub

    O HELL NO!

  • Joseph Mack Penor

    I’m not totally upset about this. Like some of these people. Jeez. I mean downy masterfully has captured the character of tony as i would want to be captured in a movie adaptation, but if he has to go than he has to go. I’m not such a close minded person that I can’t accept that they have to get a new tony. To be honest hamm seems like a great choice. I just dont know how they would explain or if they would explain why they have a new tony. Like is he just gonna be there like, “Yep I’m here. Deal with it.”, and then the movie goes on. Perhaps in ironman 3 they eexplain it. Idk.

  • Joseph Mack Penor

    I’m not totally upset about this. Like some of these people. Jeez. I mean downy masterfully has captured the character of tony as i would want to be captured in a movie adaptation, but if he has to go than he has to go. I’m not such a close minded person that I can’t accept that they have to get a new tony. To be honest hamm seems like a great choice. I just dont know how they would explain or if they would explain why they have a new tony. Like is he just gonna be there like, “Yep I’m here. Deal with it.”, and then the movie goes on. Perhaps in ironman 3 they eexplain it. Idk.

  • Bobbie Ballesteros

    hello to a new Tony Stark?!?! HELL NO!!!!

  • Corinna

    ahahahaha NO. RDJ is Tony Stark, end of story.

  • vickeh

    this was the most hurtful prank ever |: i love me some iron man and iron man isnt him with out downey. had me screaming nuu and shit how dare you.

  • raka

    Look at the date of the report peeps. NOOBS.

  • aftermathofcool

    This was posted online on the 1st. That should tell you everything

  • Sarah Rooney

    This better be an April fools thing! Otherwise Iron Man (and any other appearances for IM like The Avengers) will be totally killed for me. RDJ needs to stay!!!

  • Forrest Woodfin

    Guys, it’s an April Fool’s Day joke.

  • Guest

    You have just killed off the whole Marvel films, it was Robert Downey that made me want to watch the Avengers and all of its counter parts, without him, you might as well not bother making any more Avenger related films!

  • Marian Simms

    who is this want to be tring to be robert, no one can replace him.

  • helga

    oh my fucking god, I got really scared for a minute there….

  • Jonny Barton

    RDJ can not be replaced, it just wont be the same! They should just give in to his expensive needs haha

  • theBakerman2010

    take this dammn thing off the enternet april fools is over and that wasnt funny

  • Zachary Renner

    f@$kers. i was close to tears. a$$holes!

  • Superman

    If they replace tony stark I’m not going to watch avengers 2 they need to give him the money and get him back

  • Diana

    that is not funny!!! I had a heart attack!!!!!!

  • Dragon

    It’s written so well and convincingly

  • Rocker


  • destiny

    In early 2014, Downey will be donning his “Iron Man” suit again as filming begins on “The Avengers 2,” which will be shot at Pinewood-Shepperton Studios in

  • Nicole

    Wow….i feel so dumb…. i just went crazy and like flipped out….only to scroll down and find out it was a joke….so awkward…

  • Ashbash

    The tweet isnt the official marval account. Its not verified an it said its been posted for 12 hours and it only has 5 retweets. So teah. Not real.

  • Trey

    What is Marvel thinking, that guy Jon Hamm can not act. What people see in him I don’t know. Get out of here, bring RDJ back.

  • Anna

    It’s not true ! Infact , it is not formalized and more he turned to sign Iron Man 4

  • Julie Anne

    I agree with Erica Joseph this is just not on

  • Awesomeness

    This better be a damn april fools joke.

  • ruby

    jon hamm wouldn’t have been a bad replacement #sorrynotsorry