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TS Robocop banner Reddit Fixes ROBOCOP SuitA few days ago pics from the set of ROBOCOP leaked onto the great inter webs, delivering our first full look at the new convict killing cyborg, and fanboy reaction was tepid… at best.

A fair amount of folks think the jet black suit is a rip off of the combat gear in G.I. Joe, while I just think it’s another shade of Iron Man’s Mark II armor. Well, the kind weirdos of Reddit (I’m joking y’all!!! I love bacon and cats and weird horned whales as much as the next guy) have created a more palatable version of the suit. One that mixes the original Murphy threads with the much maligned modern gear, and the result is actually not that bad.

Give it a looksy below:

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SOURCE: reddit

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  • Louis Huang

    I like this one better

  • kaos1234

    Much Better, too late to change it now.

    • ran76

      not really. if they can make Ironman’s plastic and rubber suit look like metal in post, the same can be done here

  • Bill Maus

    Look…it looks like ROBOCOP now!! Why is it so hard for them to see what WE see??

  • Nacho Zaragoza

    Yep… this one is the true robocop

  • steve connors

    a simple can of spry paint can fix all

  • Andrew Shelby

    This thing looks more like The Guyver than Robocop. Pass.

  • Andrew Rojo

    is this already the suit that is going to be in the movie? in other words, it won’t be modified by cgi later or it’s been confirmed to be the final robocop appearance.

  • Christopher Ball

    We still just might see seeing an early version of his armor.
    Need a first version for principal stuff

  • Ryan

    Better! It would be nice to see some servos and other actual mechanical parts however!

  • Chris EvilDead Beck

    I would proudly call him The New Robocop. Too bad the makers of the film didn’t think the fans would give a crap :/

  • Peter Chambers

    that looks bloody shite…. wont be paying to watch that piss poor version of robocop

    • zooey

      so, better no remake for robocop ya?? or use older costume?

  • Dave Burns


    • Izzy Mahmood

      Classic movies have to be remade for the newer generation stop with your bitching like it or not sometimes classic movies have to remade so it can introduced to the newer audience

  • j.

    People forget that a set photo is BEFORE digital edits. The suit may be black to act as a canvas for additions of color later.

  • Kevin Jones

    After seeing the motorbike too, there’s deffo going to be a Judge Dredd feel to the new film

  • Joshua Bourne

    I guess its easier to slap some CG paint on than the real thing….

  • 5secondfuse

    Dull, bland, generic, zero originality. This remake will rightly be seen as an abomination.

  • Nik

    Wow now he looks like a girl who tie up her shirt to show more skin.

  • Doonkey

    taking in modern weapons and technologies, it would actually be out of place/time for OCP to use actual metal shells and armor on a humanoid supercop. The original was perfect for what the 90′s thought the future would look like. This is something closer to the way the future is likely to appear from our current perspective.

  • Deamhan

    Older costume still looks better. I’ll still watch this version to see how goofy it turns out.

  • hannoverfisst

    Ummm how is photoshopping a pic ‘fixing’ the suit? Is that what it really looks like or is the real thing black as originally pictured? WTF?

  • Ajmcnicol

    new suits arent bad per se. Its how they make the movie. The new Dredd movie was pretty decent and had updated suits.
    Who knows..if the movie is good..the suit will find a place in our hearts

  • wuz2blu

    New version looks like vampire from Twilight. Not that it’s not an improvement over the all black suit, but that’s damning with faint praise.

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