Read Jon Spaihts Original Draft Of The PROMETHEUS Script

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You probably haven’t heard of Jon Spaihts, despite him being a fantastic writer. I recently read his spec script Passengers, about a man who wakes up early from hyper-sleep on a hundreds-year-old space mission. It’s pretty damn good. Anyway, one of the reasons Prometheus, maulled by fans and critics alike for the past few months, was greenlit in the first place was Spaihts’ excellent script, caled Alien: Engineers. Then Damon Lindelof came along.

He was hired to do a re-write on the script (although Spaihts still got writing credit in the movie) and he’s generally held responsible for why the movie was so crappy and filled with plot holes. The majority of fans (including me) clamoured for the release of Spaihts’ original draft, and somehow it’s leaked online with the writer confirming it’s authencity on Twitter. You can read it by clicking the image link below, thanks to Prometheus Movie.

I haven’t read it yet, but from early reactions it isn’t much different from the finished film (except there’s facehuggers and chestbursters) and that it probably needed one more draft to tighten it all up. Will you read the original draft of Prometh– I mean, Alien: Engineers? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Prometheus Movie

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  • Aaron Barrett

    OK if that is the movie that was supposed to be made then I am truly angered by the revisions, I just read this all the way through and it is fantastic, a truly thought out and executed script that leaves you wanting more not because what was given didnt make since but because the picture painted was so detailed and deep that you want it to continue. I apologize wholeheartedly for anything I have ever said or thought about the writing of this movie as it applies to the original writer.

  • WoodGas1

    Link eventually gets you to “script removed copyright blah blah”
    Since I can’t comment on missing script, and I’m already here

    worst adaptations of great story:
    #1 Starship Troopers
    #2 Dune (the first one)
    Isn’t time someone did The Moon is a Harsh Mistress justice? after Starship Troopers though, I doubt the Heinlein heirs would release the story to production.
    One can dream.