Quentin Tarantino ‘s Gonna Piss More People Off… Making a Third “Rewritten History” Flick

I love Quentin Tarantino. He’s the sweet, gory magician of cinema that keeps my movie collection on its toes. BUT, he is a bit fucking crazy. Not in a bad way, but in a “I love to piss people off with questionably tasteless films” kind of way.

His last flick DJANGO UNCHAINED opened to critical acclaim, but it also received a fair share of criticism from social activists. Gun control advocates claim the violence in Tarantino’s work inspires massacres and civil rights watchdogs argue that movies like Django support racial intolerance. If I had this constant stream of bubbling hatred directed towards me, I’m not sure if I could ever leave my house, let alone continue producing films for which I’m so despised. But then again, I’m not a brilliant director with balls the size of small Volvos and a penchant for penning some of the greatest flicks of the past decade.

Flipping the metaphorical bird to all of his naysayers, Tarantino announced that he’ll make another in his line of rewritten history movies (the first of which was Inglourious Basterds). Here’s what he said:

This (rewritten history theme) begs a trilogy, it begs to have a third movie on this theme. I haven’t decided about what yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised…

He’s been caught in previous interviews stating an interest in rewriting the history of black soldiers during World War II. If my memory’s working at full speed (no telling at this point, especially after all these glasses of bourbon), I believe the American black soldiers would be seeking revenge against their white counterparts.

I’m on board for any Tarantino flick (as overrated as they may be), but I don’t imagine that a film fixated on murdering “America’s Greatest Generation” will sell too well. Unless they make the white soldiers disgusting Confederate wannabbees. I don’t want to ruin any dreams, but I’m pretty sure the South won’t rise again.

Considering how bad his “Miracle at St. Anna” flopped, Spike’s gonna be extra pissed if Tarantino goes through with this new movie


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  • Christian Holder

    Tarantino would have to be a complete idiot to make another film with the core premise of “noble black man killing evil whitey”, considering that’s precisely what Django Unchained amounts to. And Tarantino, while most certainly a sick fuck, is no idiot. A much better topic would be some version of kicking Japanese ass in the Pacific during WWII.