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Quentin Tarantino Flips His Shit in Interview

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 Quentin Tarantino Flips His Shit in InterviewQuentin Tarantino has been catching a ton of flack for DJANGO UNCHAINED over the past few weeks (most recently for the questionably racist line of tie-in figurines), and in this interview with Channel 4, the eccentric director finally cracked. Prompted to draw a correlation between the violence in his own films and violence in reality, the director simply refused to respond, stating:

“Don’t ask me a question like that. I’m not biting. I refuse your question [...] I’m not your slave and you’re not my master.

Here’s the full video:

While his choice of words may not have been ideal considering the recent deluge of criticism Django‘s received from civil rights groups, the director makes a fair point. Why should he feel obligated to respond to a question, especially since he’s answered that same prompt repeatedly throughout his 20 year career?

What do you think? I would claim that violence in the real world isn’t dependent on violence in films, but that they’re both drawn from the same common facet of humanity. But then again, I’m just a fat, bearded dude sitting behind a computer with a half finished volume of The Ultimates sitting on the floor.

Before you start to worry… YES! I’ve read it many times before.

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  • Stan

    Tarantino was correct in his response and I don’t think he flipped out or lost it.He just firmly and correctly put his point across to someone who kept trying to push the interview in a direction Tarantino didn’t want to go.
    Are Tarantio’s films violent,yes they are.Is he responsble in some way for the Sandy Hook shootings ,(the connection the interviewer was reaching for) No he isn’t ,he makes films that millions of people enjoy.,and does he exploite violence,of course he does,just as the interviewer and the media exploites violence for their own ends,which is to make a buck just the same as Tarantino.

    • MonkeyFascist

      First two sentences of yours are my thoughts exactly.

  • shift

    it wouldn’t have been a big deal if the dingus didn’t ask the question 38 times after Tarintino said he didn’t wanna answer it.

  • merwanor

    The journalist was just rude, the whole interview was to promote the movie as Tarantino says. And it is typical that devious journalists has to try and ask questions that has nothing to do with the topic, just to get what Tarantino mentions, more ratings. No means no, and Tarantino has absolute right to refuse to answer questions.

    • mike

      Or dodge them in this case. Tarantino is an ass clown

  • Brian Tubbs

    I find it interesting that Mr. Tarantino is so interested in
    starting a discussion about a very serious topic and yet he’s absolutely not
    interested in the interviewers very serious question about violence. Of course we all know of the very serious discussion in relation to violence and films/video
    games/ music and guns since the Sandy Hook shooting. It was clear that Mr.
    Tarantino was dodging. It seems that he’s most interested in his bottom line.
    He did say he’s only there to “sell his movie.” I think he knew
    that he couldn’t intelligently defend the violence in his films against the
    back drop of the possible link between the current state of violence in America
    and the entertainment industry. So he quite smartly calculated that answering
    the questions would only hurt his film. Still Mr. Tarantino could have done all
    that without losing his cool. The reporter never lost his even though I am
    quite sure that he wasn’t very happy with Mr. Tarantino’s tone or insinuations.

    • PPaul

      I agree. Moments earlier Tarantino says he loves that his film has sparked a debate about slavery and is happy to talk about that. He’s also happy repeating himself about many issues that he’s talked about over the years. But when asked about the correlation between violence in movies and in real life he simply dodges the question. Sure it’s his right to do so, but I think he’s chickening out. Right now in America there is a big debate on violence in society and gun-rights with the NRA (a very vocal and powerful lobby) pointing its finger at Hollywood violence as one of the main causes of violence. This was a chance for Tarantino to fight back and put the NRA in its place with a very smart, passionate, and well-thought out answer. But he can’t. Makes me wonder if he feels there really is a correlation that he cannot defend.

      • mike

        Yeah cause it was obviously the nra’s fault. Dumbass

        • PPaul

          No I never said that. Great debating technique you got there. Put idiotic words in the other person’s mouth and then call them names. Moron.

  • Todzer

    That journalist is a dickhead, the man is there to promote his film not to be drilled on the connections of violence between movies and real life. Scummy little journalist needs to know what his job entails when doing a interview for a film. Not try and make a name for himself.

  • Ben

    I think it’s completely acceptable for someone to turn down a question that they refuse or have answered many times before. I thinks it’s the interviewer’s job to collect that information and to know what has been said and where that person stands.

    That being siad, I agree with Tarantino. I do also find it very strange at this point in time that Slavery is still such a a taboo subject! WHY?! Look how quickly people were able to move on from the holocaust. I think that has a lot to do with the way that the Jewish people handled what happened.

    I feel like people such as Al Shaprton are setting the social concept and grappling of an issue like slavery BACK! It’s not enough that we crawl on our hands and knees and apologize for the sins of our great grandfathers, he’s also saying we can’t ever even adress the issue, and as someone who supports the freedom to express ideas, I think he’s doing a lot of damage, and people like Tarantino are doing a lot of good.

  • Mike

    It felt like this was the reaction the interviewer was angling for all the way through. Can we not enjoy something as basic as cinema anymore without making it analogous to everyday life?

  • psoxus

    At what point does he “Flip His Shit”? He gets irate and frustrated at a question that’s purposefully leading to a statement on something completely unrelated to the movie itself.

  • C83

    Trying to place blame on movies and video games for the violence in the world is a cop out. People use it as a scapegoat in order to place blame elsewhere instead of owning up to there own failures as a parent, guardian or as a individual. It’s easier for people to want to try an help a killer if he/she says “Call of Duty” made me do it instead of them just owning up to wanting to kill someone because of jealously, hate or some other reason. Video games, movies and guns don’t kill people. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!!

  • SM016

    Tarantino does not want to talk about it because he has been accused of causing the Columbine boys to do what they did (so was Marilyn Manson) obviously if he already spoke about it, he’s done!

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