Captain America: The Winter Soldier rolls in front of the cameras next March and Marvel are already preparing the sequel’s production, with locations already released and now a fake filming title as well. This is common with big blockbusters, and follows Marvel’s trend of using titles such as Caged Heat for Iron Man 3, Thursday Mourning for Thor: The Dark World, Group Hug for The Avengers and Frostbite for Captain America: The First Avenger.

When looked at closely, the fake titles give us a small indication about the film’s plot. “Thursday Mourning” hints that someone close to Thor will die (as we all know, Thursday is really Thor’s day) and “Group Hug” symbolised the team coming together and assembling to stop Loki. For “Frostbite”, I think it was referring to Cap getting frozen, although I could be wrong. I uncovered this little tidbit of info while patrolling the interwebz this morning, and it seems Marvel will soon be sending out casting calls for none other than Freezerburn.

That’s the fake title, in case you were wondering.

To me, this means nothing other than a symbolisation of Cap being unfrozen in present day and saying goodbye to his old life, but it’s also a nod to the film’s subtitle. Captain America: The Winter Soldier begins production in March 2013 and filming will take place in cities such as Cleveland, Washington, DC and New Mexico. What do you think Freezerburn means? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Feature Film Casting

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