Possible Description For The Next The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

A user at the IMDB forums (yeah yeah I know) has reportedly been sent a detailed description of the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. As always in this case, take the following with a grain of salt but it sounds quite interesting and action-packed and has convinced the other IMDB members that it could quite well be legit. Read it below:

Bruce has a voice-over:

“Eight Years, and the damages of Gotham I caused cannot be healed”

Bruce walks into a village filled with inhabitants (I’m guessing this was the India set). A shot of Bruce with a beard.

“My Journey for answers is not finished”

He approaches a well (which I’m very sure is the CGI well we saw from the first photo leak), he’s accompanied by Tom Conti who we can only vaguely make out in the background of the desert.

“And my Journey is about to end”
Cut to black:

The Chant starts playing.

“What does that mean?”

Close-Up on Bane for about a brief second. Silence.


Cue Warner Bros. and Co (which is similar to the first teaser, but the colour scheme is brown)

(The music that starts is Redemption by Zack Hemsey, the same guy who scored the third Trailer of Inception. The music will continue to be played over the entire trailer)

Bruce attends the ceremony for Harvey Dent’s funeral. Gordon continues his tribute about him being the shining Knight of Gotham. He then announces that he and his police force will hunt down and execute the Batman, this makes Bruce looks worried about.

Cue From ‘Christopher Nolan’
Shot of Gotham, then a shot of the newly built Wayne Manor.

Alfred and Bruce argue over Bruce’s protection. A shot of Bruce looking in the Batcave, which is newly built, looks more technological.

Shot of Wayne Enterprises. Bruce is talking with Miranda Tate about her position at Wayne Enterprises, and how he should reflect of his parents’ successes. All her dialogue makes her sound like she is hiding something from Wayne.

At the Party, Selina and Bruce talk about the ample and the pitiful citizens of Gotham, in which Selina expresses her disapproval for the wealthy. Alfred says she has had a life in crime starting from when she was an orphan. Then a shot of Selina fighting a guy in front of a kid (like from the set photos).

Gordon is talking to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Sunjata about the unit he is forming and promotes Sunjata to Lieutenant, which Gordon-Levitt doesn’t look too happy about. Cut to Gordon-Levitt and Sunjata trying to catch a man wearing a black bandit mask in a Hospital.

Bane and his men are driving in their HMTT (like from the set videos/photos). Lucius tells Bruce there has been a break in at WayneTech, which Bane then breaks his leg. Alfred says he cannot continue to mend the injuries when he can’t even mend his own life. Cut to the final meal shot from the first trailer.

Then cut to the Heins Field Stadium. The teams run on to the field, shake hands. The tumblers start rolling in, then a nice shot of the door ejecting with Bane getting out.

Cut to Black; silence.


Multiple Car explosions in a tunnel.


Same shot of Bruce looking horrified from the first trailer.


The Earthquake device starts and the whole stadium collapses. Gotham citizens start running around the city destroying everything in sight. People start attacking the cops.

Bruce says that this chaos can only be stopped by one person, I don’t know who he’s saying it to.

Selina finds the Batpod and goggles in the streets. She puts the lenses on, they flip forward and she starts driving through the city.

Gordon and Batman confront each other; Batman tells him they will take back Gotham tonight.

Alleyway shot, Joseph Gordon-Levitt pushes a dumpster and shots from behind it. Motorcycles ride through the city and over cars with a brief shot of Matthew Modine on the back of one of them. Juno Temple is grabbed by a merc, which then Catwoman comes in and starts fighting them. Bane yells in the sewer scene: “I WILL BREAK YOU!!”

A lot of shots here, but these are what I remember:
– Tumbler shots at the riot.
– HMTT falls through the ground.
– Batman looks down at the city in the dark
– Batman and Bane hold each other in a lock.
– The Bat, tumbler and Batpod are riding through a power plant while water comes flowing out fast (that was probably the money shot of the trailer)


The Batman theme starts, the new shattered Batman logo appears with the title cover it: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

TITLE CARDS: ‘The Epic Trilogy Ends’

I don’t mind if that’s not true, as it was EPIC! He said that his friend had a number of descriptions (it’s likely that there are a lot of different trailers to either keep the real description from leaking out or so Nolan can pick the best one) so even when the real trailer hits, there’s no way of knowing if this was ever fake or true.

I also have another treat for you: A few details on the opening of the movie. A user at the ‘Official Dark Knight Rises Facebook Group’ has said that he has a friend who works at an IMAX theater who has seen the first 25 minutes of the film. Details below:

Got a friend who works at an IMAX theater and he has seen the first 20-25 minutes of the film. The prologue starts the whole thing off and then hit proceeds to get insane. Gordon and Batman have a big argument in the man made river shot in LA, and Bane begins taking over Gotham one step at a time.

Expect news for The Dark Knight Rises to ramp up over the next few weeks, as a reliable source has said that WB will be showing something TDKR-related to members of the press on the 15th of March, which is either new footage or a new trailer, plus we’ve seen a possible preview of the next poster which we’ve also heard from reliable sources is indeed legit. What are your thoughts on all this? Sound off in the comments below!