PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 To Film In Puerto Rico; Orlando Bloom To Return?

Despite a strong first instalment in the ongoing Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the last movie, and the two movies before it, failed to live up to the expectations of fans. We know the regular co-writer for the movies Terry Russio turned in a draft of the script for the fifth movie quite a while ago, and it was recently rumoured that Johnny Depp would be payed $90m to shoot two additional Pirates movies back-to-back, as he is taking on less big budget roles. Well, Caribbean Business PR revealed that Disney have chosen Puerto Rico as the main filming location for Pirates of the Caribbean 5, and it could begin filming as soon as November.

However, Moviefone reached out to Disney’s reps to ask them whether the movie would be filming on the island, and they said that the report was inaccurate and the flick was still in development. But they offered this cryptic hint towards the film’s plot…

“Will Turner’s story might not be finished…”

So…. Will we see Orlando Bloom back? He hasn’t been in too many movies lately, par a cameo-of-sorts in the new Hobbit trilogy and a starring role in the complete and utter failure that was the Three Muskateers remake. So it’s understandable he would agree to come back if offered. The only complication is, that the last time we saw Will Turner it was impossible for him to come on land as the new Captain of the Flying Dutchman, only allowed one day every ten years to do so. Will you be watching Pirates of the Caribbean 5? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Caribbean Business PR and Moviefone