avengers after credit scene

UPDATE! Photo of Second Avengers After Credits Scene!


UPDATE: Click here to watch the full scene


If you’re one of the lucky few to see The Avengers‘ American debut, then you’ll be treated to a second after credits scene. We all know about that first one (featuring a particularly unruly Mad Titan), but apparently Whedon decided to throw in another clip for the good ol’ U.S.A. Well, we’ve managed to get our hands on a low-res screen grab, so check it out below…

That’s right, the whole team went out for a nice meal of shawarma (which ties into one of Tony Stark’s jokes from the film’s end). Now, Marvel has yet to confirm this story, but according to a few lucky folks who snuck into advanced screenings this week, it’s all true!



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  • http://www.wix.com/hardingroberts/sarah Sarah

    I think people in the UK aren’t especially pissed about this extra scene; we got the film over a week early (but no midnight release :|) and the important after credit scene that will probably effect Thor 2, and those ones are really the important ones rather than extra jokey scenes.

    Even so, I’ll be on YouTube later looking out for the second one once someone uploads it 😛

  • http://www.theblackpeppercorn.com Steve @ the black peppercorn

    Now I am hungry for a shawarma! That is a fun extra scene but not nearly as significant as the main after credits clip with Thanos.
    Looking forward to seeing the movie!