Pacific Rim Robot Blueprint

PACIFIC RIM Trailer Release Date and Sneak Peaks

Geek God Guillermo Del Toro’s new film Pacific Rim will be getting it’s first trailer on December 12th. This news comes to us from the DCU Movie Page that announced earlier today on Twitter:

“Pacific Rim finally begins! Official trailer december 12! 

Every nerd fiber in your body should be quivering with excitement for this movie, and if 14 days is too long to wait here are a couple of goodies to keep you sane. First up is a viral test video for the Kaiju Emergency Alert System (Kaiju being the monsters in the film):

Next is a video showing the devastation during and after a Kaiju attack:

And finally there’s a blueprint of the film’s HUGE monster mashing machines, courtesy of


If that viral goodness doesn’t set your brain on fire with happiness, firstly, congratulations you survived reading this article which is fortunate as the lack of a Spoiler/Health warning means we’re legally viable for lawsuits and secondly come back on December 12th for something that surely will!

Source: IGN

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