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Animator Recreates Secret ANT-MAN Teaser… Take That Marvel!

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ant man banner by skinnyglasses d39n04l Animator Recreates Secret ANT MAN Teaser... Take That Marvel!Two cheers for Overly Obsessed Fanboys!

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Studios exec Kevin Feige and director Edgar Wright revealed a quick glimpse at ANT-MAN‘s test footage. All reports indicated it was utter gold, but the mustache twirling corporatists at the House of Ideas refused to show the greater public.


Well, it just so happens that an animator was sitting in the hall that day, and he created a mental note of every glorious second of shrinking, growing, Freudian action. Here’s his gift to the fanboy masses… a “this is the best I could do” recreation of the ANT-MAN teaser:

What do you think?  The animation is incredible and, if it properly reflects the film, I think we’re in for a big juicy spectacle.

BUT, I did write a similar scene for a Marvel centric fan story in the past. Now, I’m not accusing Wright of stealing my goods…

Ok, I was lying, I’m totally accusing Edgar Wright of stealing my goods.


SOURCE: Shartimus Prime(via Reddit)

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  • Clarison

    that is exactly what i say dude awesome animate wish there was more of the shifting action that was the amazing part

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