Jaina takes on Jacen

Our Top Choices for the Next Generation of SKYWALKERS

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star wars banner Our Top Choices for the Next Generation of SKYWALKERSWe can feign surprise, but we all knew Harrison Ford would return for the next round of STAR WARS movies (perhaps as an estranged lover to a cougar-like Leia Organa Solo?). The more interesting factoid of the day is, now that the original three main cast members are confirmed, who will play their kids? I secretly hope EPISODE 7 isn’t centered around the Skywalkers ‘s new generation (unique characters for me please), but since the latest rumors indicate that the four kiddos will make some sort of appearance, I think we can speculate without feeling too bad.  And even though Disney has remained fairly adamant that they won’t rely on the Extended Universe books and comics for these flicks, I’ll share an abbreviated bio with each selection (shit’s interesting, yo).

Garrett Hedlund as Ben Skywalker

 Our Top Choices for the Next Generation of SKYWALKERS

Besides his semi-horrible rom coms, Garrett Hedlund is a damn good actor.  He restarted the Tron franchise with Legacy and… well, actually, Tron‘s about the only notable film on his record.  Still, I think he’d make a great Ben, the noble, all around good guy of the Extended Universe.  Son of Grand Master Luke Skywalker, he hops around the galaxy in search of adventure, and was kinda enslaved by his cousin (and Sith Lord) Darth Caedus, aka Jacen Solo.


Tom Felton as Anakin Solo

 Our Top Choices for the Next Generation of SKYWALKERS

Best known for his evil antics in the Harry Potter movies, most folks aren’t aware that the blond baddie has a secret soft side.  Seriously, the dude pets kittens and bunnies all day, every day.  So it’s only natural that he would play the golden child of the next trilogy, Anakin Solo.  Ani S, as his friends call him, is the youngest of the Solo clan and the most inspiring, even after his untimely death.  Coincidentally, his death was so traumatic for his siblings, that it launched Jacen into  a successful career in the family business, as Sith Lord Darth Caedus.


Nicholas Hoult as Jacen Solo (Darth Caedus)

 Our Top Choices for the Next Generation of SKYWALKERS

You’ll recognize Nicholas Hoult from the recent monster love tale Warm Bodies (which was honestly pretty awesome and as anti-Twilight as a creature romance can be) and the forever classic About a Boy, if you’re into incredible movies or anything like that.  Even though he usually plays fumbling, bumbling characters, there’s something slightly creepy about Hoult’s onscreen personas, so much so that he would be the perfect candidate for Jacen Solo, the worst Sith scourge since his Grandpappy, Darth Vader.


Summer Glau as Jaina Solo

 Our Top Choices for the Next Generation of SKYWALKERS

Summer is an old, trusted standby in the geek world.  First introduced in Joss Whedon’s Firefly and later in the Terminator TV series, Summer’s track record proves that she’d make a badass Jaina Solo.  She’s already clocked some serious hours as a martial arts touting badass in Serenity and I’m sure she’d be just as able with a glowing lightstick of death (I’m talking lightsabers, folks!).   A duel to the death between her and onscreen sibling Nicholas Hoult’s Jacen would be nerdgasmic.

What do you think of these casting choices?  I know the ages don’t exactly match up, but a bit of makeup should more than compensate for that.  Although, the three main males that I’ve chosen may be a bit too similar in form (too Anglicized, maybe?).


 Our Top Choices for the Next Generation of SKYWALKERS

Jaina takes on Jacen

S#!T Talking Central

  • http://www.facebook.com/czarny.borsuk Andrzej Kałuża

    No Nicholas Hoult. Just no.

  • Marky8

    Summer Glau?? WTF??? not even comic look alike

  • JRcanReid

    I thought the EU was getting tossed in the toilet.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

      It is, but I figured if they’re going to include the kiddos, which is latest rumor, then they wouldn’t go as far as to replace them entirely. I think they’ll just give them a different story trajectory

    • Keith Wilson

      I’d not count on it… I don’t think Disney is that stupid, despite what they;re doing to Lucasfilm and it’s subsidiaries.

  • Pat

    cool stuff. not sure about felton as anakin solo. was thinking about JGL as anakin even tho he might be a little old. loved hedlund in tron

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

      I really thought about JGL, but like you said, he’s old, or at least, he seems old because he’s been in the spotlight for so long. Hedlund reminds me so much of the star from “NEVERENDING STORY”, I can’t wait for him to be in something big (besides Tron, that is)

  • http://www.facebook.com/dp101888 David Somerset

    List needs more Jennifer Lawrence.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

      So, I’m a huge idiot and forgot to place her as the obvious choice. She’d make a perfect Jaina

    • DoigtDuPeuple

      WHAT?? … no.. Puffy face need to be far from this… she is not that great… Acting skills are minimal for anything sci-fi..

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Actually good casting choices… Would be great to see..

  • GoonerYoda

    Summer Glau…is a TERRIBLE actress. Ellen Page would be a better selection. Watch Hard Candy and you’ll see why.

  • Pat

    also, chris pratt to play raynar thul

  • darthnonsene

    Get it through your heads, the new movies will have nothing to do at all with the existing EU books/comics, etc. The EU storyline has gotten so convoluted and out of control there is no way any movies made for a general audience will have anything to do with them. It will be a fresh start.

    • http://twitter.com/EdPat88 Edward Patrick

      Agreed. EU fans should get used to the following phrases: “relegated to secondary continuity” and “de-canonized.”)

      • Pat

        and i’m okay with that. i want to be surprised by the plot of the new movies. it’s still a fun exercise just to banter about while we wait

  • http://summerglauwiki.com/ chrisdvanne

    Summer Glau is a gutsy performer who just throws herself completely into her character. She is not afraid to reveal all that the character has to offer, whether it is displaying her grit that she needs to run towards the Reavers in Serenity (Firefly movie sequel), contorting herself in a physical rage as she slaughters them, and then standing in exhaustion, anger, and looking as grim as death standing over their bodies. She really convinces the audience that she is that character and that she did these things. At no point am I thinking that this is cute but I don’t believe it. She makes a complete transformation into River the Impaler and she is going to make it a really bad day to be a Reaver. And she looks fabulous doing it.

    Great choice, guys!

  • http://summerglauwiki.com/ JohnConnor

    Summer Glau is a ballerina/actress that can literally move her body in almost impossible looking ways and still make it look natural and graceful. I would watch her for two hours in nothing but fight scenes, as River (Firefly/Serenity) Cameron (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) or in Star Wars as Jaina Solo.

    But seriously, she’s a hell of an actress who needs a serious role in a action show or movie.

  • http://summerglauwiki.com val champ

    Honestly I could see Summer Glau playing Jaina Solo.

    Not only does she have tremendous presence, she is effortlessly graceful. She moves so well pictures cannot properly capture the magnitude of her beauty. And after watching Natalie Portman as Padme can say without a doubt Summer emotes much better.

  • http://summerglauwiki.com Ricardo Baer

    I would pretty much cast Summer Glau in anything!

    Such a beautiful and talented actress.

  • ArthurBWinter

    Yeah, Summer Glau!

    I’m constantly amazed and surprised by how good Summer Glau is. Perfect, astonishing characters full of life and realism, in each of her shows and movies.

  • Kevin932

    I can see Summer Glau as Jaina Solo, indeed!

    Whatever role she’s played, and regardless of which was the first time you saw Summer perform, you knew at that moment you were seeing something special. The Mickey Mantle of acting. When she cried, you were crying with her in sympathy, when she was kicking ass you were cheering her on like nothing else, and when she was troubled you wanted to tell her it was going to be okay. That ladies and gentleman is what Summer Glau does with her varied roles. She doesn’t just act, she makes you believe.

  • ogy86

    Nice choice, guys! I always said Summer Glau as Jedi Knight. Who saw Serenity will understand. Her fighting scenes from this movie were totally amazing. And “no power in the verse can stop her”


  • Keith Wilson

    Summer as Jaina, Oh dear Force YES!!!!

    Summer is absolutely brilliant and I agree her physicality would serve her well as the daughter of Han and Leia Solo. Plus considering the relative ages of Mark, Carrie and Harrison… Summer would be approximately the right age to play Jaina who would be in her thirties now (considering Mark, Carrie are in their 60′s and Harrison in his 70′s)

    They need to make this happen!

  • Craig

    I find it hilarious that NOBODY gave two craps about their choices for any of the boys. Summer is a choice I could live with. Also funny that they picked Garret since he looks so close to Hayden Christensen.

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