New Spoilery Stills For The Dark Knight Rises

Coming from the Art of the Dark Knight Trilogy book, quite a few SPOILERY stills for The Dark Knight Rises have leaked online. They show Bruce Wayne and Miranda Tate “getting cosy”, a familiar face, yet another confirmation of a certain character’s appearance (sort of) and a lot more. Just to say again, if you don’t want to be spoiled for the movie and need a few surprises to keep you going then turn away now. If you’re not bothered, check them out below….

Content Removed

By Request

Warner Bros. wants to save these goods until the film’s already been released.

Disappointing. I know.

Well, here’s a hilarious gif to make up for it.

SOURCE: Official TDKR Facebook Community

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  • Ciaran

    FUCK ME I can not wait for this!