New MAN OF STEEL Trailer To Soar In April

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Following on from several images, toys and more promoting Man of Steel in January, Comic Book Movie has dropped the scoop that Warner Bros will be releasing a new trailer for the reboot this April, however it’s not yet clear what movie it will be attached to.

The date makes sense and shows they’re following the same marketing pattern from The Dark Knight Rises – which also released it’s third trailer in April. The billion-dollar grossing threequel then attached the trailer to Marvel’s rival flick The Avengers, released a few days later, so it’s possible they’ll do the same thing with Iron Man 3.

What do you think? Would you like to see a new Man of Steel trailer sooner rather than later? Are you looking forward to the film at all? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Also, you can re-watch the epic second trailer for Man of Steel below!

SOURCE: Comic Book Movie

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  • Dylan

    Avengers released BEFORE The Dark Knight Rises….I was sure of it so just confirmed it via IMDb. I don’t personally remember the Avengers trailer during TDKR.

    • AJ

      No… the article is saying that they released a TRAILER in april and then three days later attached the same trailer to the Avengers.

  • Mike

    They are saying they released the dark knight rises trailer with avengers following the same pattern if they attached he man of steel trailer with iron man 3

  • Jason

    I thin they should totally release the trailer earlier and run it on YouTube like they did for the movie 300. There are so many folks out there that are still unaware of the existence of this movie. I’ve had people on the bus I ride ask me what trailer I just finished watching on my tablet. Each response, ” I didn’t know they were making another Superman movie”.

  • Joshua Robert Scott
  • Portugal Kal

    I’m counting the days to premiere in Portugal.

    Super-Man has always been my Super-Hero.

    There are lots and lots of super-heroes, but Super-Man is on the top of the “foodchain”, he is the top of the peramid, and i hope Snyder realized the responsability on making this movie.

    Cavil so far promises an awsome Super-Man.

    What is missing is Super-Man (Cavil) PUNCHING any thing and releasing the true power of Super-Man has he does to Darksied comic.