New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer Barely Offers New Footage


UPDATE: The new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer has been taken down due to a copyright claim from Sony Pictures. I will repost the trailer when an official version is released. Until then, just read my description of the new scenes below.

If you’ve seen the first trailer and the four-minute sizzle reel from the Super Bowl, then you’ve seen most of what the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer has to offer. However, I’ll let you take a look and judge it for yourself.

See what I mean. As with the last two, we get the same scenes of Dane DeHaan channeling a “menacing” Harry Osborn, we continue to see the same shots of the Green Goblin (who we all know is Harry), we get a rehash of all the Electro scenes, and we got to see Spidey chase after the truck that Paul Giamatti’s hammed-up Rhino is driving. Can I just point out how weird it is that we’ve barely got any Rhino footage despite Giamatti being announced as a villain a year ago? Meanwhile, we’re getting more Green Goblin footage, a character we didn’t expect to appear until a couple weeks before the first trailer arrived. I would have thought that’d they want to show less footage of the character they were trying to keep secret rather than the character we’ve seen a lot of set pictures of.

amazing spider-man 2 hans zimmer

However, I’d be lying if I said this trailer didn’t show us anything new. We get some extra scenes of Spidey chasing the truck, we find out how Peter ended up lying in bed with his face blackened, we see him in front of a kid wearing a Spider-Man costume and we seem him quip to a cop “Need a hand?” after he catches that police car. Honestly, the only worthwhile new scene came at the end when he webbed Gwen’s hand to keep her from following him. Her accidentally shouting Peter’s name made me smirk.

You know what’s weird? This is the amount of action I expect from a third trailer. I’m thinking now that the first trailer they released was less of a teaser and more like what we would get out of the second or third trailer. As much I’m looking forward to seeing this movie (I look forward to seeing any Spider-Man movie), I’m a little concerned with all they’ve revealed in these trailers (especially the scene with the mystery man walking past Vulture’s wings and Doc Ock’s arms, leading me to believe this might be part of the after-credits scene).

Unless there’s a lot more action than what they’ve shown so far, we may have already been spoiled on most of the exciting scenes. It’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer all over again.