New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Poster Made Me Pee Myself A Little

I am in the midst of a massive geek spasm, and that is rare.  I am a veteran geek, not much gets me excited, anymore.  I am not the dude who goes nuts about every minor tidbit of info about upcoming movies.  I don’t hate on those who do, but I am not that dude.  Sure, because I write for one of the top comic movie sites I am pretty informed on what is going on in the entertainment industry, but I rarely go into full on geek-out mode.  But a new poster from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 just made me urinate myself due to the excitement. 

Possible Spoiler Alert

K, it’s not really a spoiler alert, but I don’t wanna upset anyone.  I keep trying to tell people you cannot spoil a movie if it a loyal adaptation of a comic.  It was spoiled forty damn years ago!

Sony just released a new poster that pays homage to Amazing Spider-Man #121- the issue Gwen Stacy dies! 

As Ron Simmons would say- DAMN!

Amazing Spiderman 2 poster large

Also, check out that new pic of Chris Cooper as Green Goblin.  Notice Normie has a body which goes against a lot of recent speculation that his character will be some weird frozen head in a jar. (Note: just because he has a body in this picture does not mean he will not get it cut off and have his head pickled later in the flick.)

Here is the classic cover:

Amazing Spiderman 121

Most of us expected Gwen to die; does this make it official?

PS. Isn’t that one of the greatest covers ever.  A John Romita Sr. classic, baby!