Nerdgasmic New Trailer For PACIFIC RIM Released!

My God, Pacific Rim is released next month! To increase public awareness (trust me, not a lot of people know about this film which is quite worrying) Warner Bros have released the third trailer for Guillmero del Toro’s 2-hour nerdfest and, dare I say it, it’s the best one yet. If this doesn’t make you want to watch Pacific Rim, then… Well, I really don’t know. Check it out below!

[springboard type=”video” id=”724301″ player=”ulfb001″ width=”480″ height=”400″ ]

“We are cancelling the apocalypse!” is one of my favourite pieces of dialogue from any movie this summer (the rest is the entire script for Man of Steel) and it certainly has the greatest action out of them all by far. What do you think? Can you wait any longer to watch Pacific Rim? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Youtube

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