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Natalie Portman Dragged Kicking and Screaming Back To THOR : THE DARK WORLD

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natalie portman jane foster thor 01 Natalie Portman Dragged Kicking and Screaming Back To THOR : THE DARK WORLDPerhaps “kicking and screaming” was a bit of an exageration, but Natalie Portman certainly wasn’t happy to return as Jane Foster in THOR : THE DARK WORLD.

Apparently, the tiny dancer (+10 points for Black Swan reference) wanted to abandon her multi-film contract with the House of Ideas, but Kevin Feige and crew flexed their mighty muscle to keep her on board.

Here’s what we know, as TG Daily relates

Ironically, we recently learned that Natalie Portman is being ‘forced’ into her contractual role as the romantic lead in Thor 2, another Marvel Film Universe sequel, despite a desire to back out.

While I’m not the biggest Portman fan in the world, I appreciate a strong continuity between films. We don’t want another Holmes-Gyllenhaal fiasco on our hands, do we? You know, forgetting that Maggie Gyllenhaal was a better actress and the superior cutie… it still ruined our precious continuity!

katie holmes maggie gyllenhaal Natalie Portman Dragged Kicking and Screaming Back To THOR : THE DARK WORLD

Cuz they totally look alike

Whoa, whoa, whoa… I’ve had an epiphany.  What if director Alan Taylor threw Mags into the film as Jane Foster?  That’s one re-cast I’d support.

What?  I’m a bit obsessed with the G-Haal.

Get over it.


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  • The_Hornet

    Maggie Gyllenhaal cute? In what universe?

    • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece


      • Peter Bishop

        +1. they’re both cute in that girl next door-ish way and have a sad-pretty to them. but Maggie has it natural and katie just looks like she had a hard ten years and Tom stole 7.5 in just 5. Anyone seen The Secretary? lol

        • DRG

          Yeah, seen The Secretary and she couldn’t even generate an ounce of sex appeal in what had the potential to be one of the sexiest roles in cinema history. The woman is not pretty, cute, beautiful or sexy. She’s not even classy. I’ll grant you she can act but in some roles that’s just not enough.

    • Bucky

      Well she was cute enough to catch Batmans eye..bitch

  • Fox

    You think that Maggie “Melty-Face” Gyllenhaal is better looking than Katie Holmes? Credibility: -100

    • Lovesthebj

      I had to re-read that part of the article, I was sure I had it backwards. The author thinks the sad turtle is cuter than Katie Holmes?

      • Fats Mclemlich

        So much cuter!

        • Nacho Zaragoza

          she IS cute… but not as cute as Katie…

          • bfg666

            Katie Holmes used to be a cutie in her prime but let’s face it, she has aged quite terribly.

        • Pugiron

          Fats McGayman is thinking of her brother.

      • lucascott

        it’s called an opinion. Everyone has a right to one, even if you disagree with the one they have

        • JuanTizmo

          But those opinions can still be wrong.

          • bfg666

            No, they’re only different than your own. That’s why they’re called opinions, not facts. There’s no right or wrong in subjectivity.
            @Lovesthebj: Beauty aside, I find it funny that you call Gyllenhaal a “sad turtle” comparing her to Holmes while the latter has a usually way sadder look and seems utterly depressed in this particular picture…

        • Pugiron

          You’re as wrong as his opinion. Some people prefer Pepsi. Those are morons.

          • David Summers

            As moronic as people who prefer coke. Me? I prefer…


    • ffafaf

      I prefer maggie over holmes in looks and most important acting skills.
      former dawson creek star sucks ass.

      • OpinonsRISE

        I actually prefer Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight compared to Katie Holmes from Batman Begins. Gyllenhaal, was the better actress, and fit the part. Gyllenhaal looks cute in that picture from the Dinner Scene.

    • Candi Powell

      lmao at melty face…i think she is one of the ugliest actresses…she looks like squidward

      • DaBUU

        Holy crap she does look like Squidward. Good call.

    • David Guerrero

      I totally agree, this person is freakin insane.

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    its ALL about the continuity. inform norton

    • Peter Bishop

      love ed norton but he was trying to tank the Avengers movie in his own way

  • MrSpoiler15

    Kill her off in the sequel so we can see some Thor+Sif.

  • jybk12

    their both ugly. you call that bruce waynes lover? Shoulda been an actress better than both of those broads, but in this case continuity is the most important part here Portman’s role is small anyways whyd u sign on for THOR then dummmyyyy

    • Kate

      Do you know there is a thing called taste?

      And do you know it differs from people to people?

      I hope 12 in your username refferes to your age.

  • winchester64

    Not happy with Natalie Portman … not happy at all. I remember her head turning and strong debut as an actress in ” The Professional ” { as many pedos would as well – Seriously, whose idea was it to dress a 13 year old in street corner hooker garb? } Her resume since has had as many strong performances as there have been spotty ones. You would think that she would be pleased as punch to be asked back to the cast of ” Thor ” considering what favorable acclaim from the critics and the fanboys both gave to the film { not even mentioning the success of The Avengers } . I seriously do not understand where her head is at on this one… I mean, after gaining favor from the fanboys for ” Thor ” and ocar worthy acclaim for ” The Black Swan ” she turns around and does some completely forgettable romantic comedy with that douche Ashton Kutcher? What?

    I give credos to Maggie… She put in a good performance for the Bat even though everyone was questioning why or how she could have gotten the role… The stellar performance Heath Ledger gave to the film could have easily kicked all of the other cast to the curb, but she held her own { although having Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne both fighting for her affection was a head- scratcher at best }

    Katie Holmes not coming back was understandable… Her private life has always been fodder for the press and just now the reality has been coming to light. She has finally took the hint that her hubby is a narcissistic nut-job. The one-two punch she gave to Tom Cruise has given me a whole new respect and has placed her in a new frame of light worthy of praise.

    • zoinks

      You are wondering who’s idea it was to tart up a little girl in
      The Professional? The director is French. Question answered.

      • bfg666

        What the fuck is that supposed to mean except that you’re a pathologic hater?

        • Pedrosaurus

          European’s (the French in particular) view sexuality very differently to other countries, if you haven’t seen it try to get a hold of the extended version of Leon, it’s even more eye opening and sexualises the part of Matilda a lot more.

          A lot of what was originally meant to be in the film was cut out for this reason. Viewing the additional scenes, some more than others, is a bit uncomfortable considering her age at the time. There is a scene where she puts on a sexy dress and make-up in order to look older and more appealing to Leon, and is clearly trying to seduce him.

          I for one thought that the theatrical release was far more subtle and appropriately handled the relationship between the two without going overboard.

          • bfg666

            You mean very differently to the USA. The fact is more and more americans these days are becoming quite psychotically oblivious about their teenagers’ sexuality, believing that they should be kept away from their natural impulses and desires until their coming of age. Well newsflash, puberty doesn’t magically occur at 21, and denying 13yo kids their sexual impulses surely is no healthy way to raise them. It’s a touchy subject that should be dealt with very cautiously if you want to spare them regular visits to a shrink later because their life’s become a mess. It’s perfectly normal for pubescent kids to test their newfound sex appeal and it’s the parents’ duty to warn them about its dangers and not to lock them in the closet.

            Now, about The Professional, correct me if I’m wrong but I seem to remember that Leon pushes her away when she becomes too infatuated with him, right? How is that going overboard? If you feel uncomfortable about it, you must find Terry Gilliam’s brilliant and very sensitive Tideland properly horrifying.

            Anyway, the problem with Zoinks’ comment is that it implied that all french people are deviant fuckheads. As a frenchman, I find it largely untrue and extremely insulting.

          • Robert Pruitt

            I think he means how much further they let it go before he puts a stop to it in the extended release. And that Europeans are much more open and free about sex than us extremely uptight Americans.
            But I find it somewhat odd, it was not that long ago in America that if your daughter wasn’t married off by 16(and usually pregnant shortly after marriage) you had a problem on your hands, as she was then considered an old maid. Had to get a jump on having kids when you need a lot of them to make sure at least one survives to have kids, and your time is limited. This is how it had to be for most of human history, but now that we live longer and can have kids later, not to mention needing to have fewer. we have decided that 16 and under is not only no longer needed, or desired(younger they start having kids the more likely they will have more) but that it is perverted. So yeah, we’re a bit weird over here, we just think it’s you Europeans that are the weird ones that’s all. Don’t take it personally, most don’t know any better.

          • bfg666

            Perverted?! If the Americans would stop infantilizing their teens for a minute, they wouldn’t deem a 16yo mom perverted. Jeez, would they see nature (or, to put it in these christian words many Americans cherish, God’s will) as perverted? Let me point out that nature allows girls around 12 and even younger to have babies, and recent studies have shown that because of kids maturing quicker now than in the past, they have a tendency to reach puberty at an earlier age.

            When it comes to perversion, I’m sorry but I find preteen beauty pageants (an american specialty) much more harmful and effed up than the natural order of things, or than a movie depicting a pubescent teen looking forward to explore her sexuality.

            “I think he means how much further they let it go before he puts a stop to it in the extended release.” Leon, partly because of his focus on his job, takes a while to realize Matilda’s crush on him and when he does, he understands it at first as mere innocent child’s play. Because of his lack of empathy, things HAVE to go quite far before he truly sees the extent of her infatuation. This is necessary to the movie and there’s nothing complacent or overboard here. Also, if you think about it, we’re talking about a professional killer whose morals are by definition somewhat twisted to say the least. By the way, the “extended” cut WAS the original release, the movie was re-cut especially for the american market. We Europeans have not seen your sanitized cut.

            Oh, and I didn’t take Zoink’s words personally: I know who I am and I know they don’t concern me. I was just defending my fellow countrymen from an outrageous comment. I loathe racism in any form.

          • thatguy

            My god, you’re perverted.

            Keep away from my children with your long, hard baguette, you sick Frenchie!!!

          • bfg666

            Yeah, right. I have no business with children, I’m not a catholic priest.

          • JuanTizmo

            Froggy can’t take a joke. Calm down.

          • bfg666

            You calm yourself, pal. I’m cool, I merely proved to, uh, ThatGuy that I could lower myself to his level by replying to a lame community joke with another.

    • Dude

      You have shared all of my sentiments exactly. You must have cloned brains

  • fin

    let the women go. if you want dick fodder, keep it up for yourself.

  • Nacho Zaragoza

    Change of plans… kill Natalie’s character and let Kat Dennings to assume the leading lady role instead…

    • leisure suit starkiller

      for reals! Kat’s kans were wasted in Thor (which was overall a super snore-fest anyway) as they were confined to frumpy sweaters and a crap wardrobe. she was funny, though, which makes her even hotter. a close friend of mine had some direct contact with ms. portman doing some ballerina crap in NYC during black swan filming and said she’s a total bitch prima donna who didn’t want any contact with the plebeians. so, screw her. i’ve always loved her as an actress but that’s not enough. if, like ed norton, you cannot play with others, you can be replaced by someone far more suited for the role and just as apt. what’s shakin’ mister ruffalo?

    • Matthew Hickman

      How about No Since Jane is actually Thor’s love insert in the damn comics

    • Rowan Charlton

      Well Kat needs the money as she is broke after all.

      • Diana Stoyanova

        haha good one :D

    • James Campbell

      Oh god no. Kat Dennings is homely AND annoying…that’s the kiss of death.

  • Guy Turner

    There has already been changes to actors playing characters in the Mravel Universe movies – obviously Bruce Banner and also Roddy in the Iron Man Movies – if she doesn’t want to do it then let her go it won’t affect anything as long as the character remains the same.

    • bfg666

      True. Don Cheadle did Rhodey’s part so well that I actually forgot he was impersonated by another actor in the first movie. Then again, we have an Andrew Garfield who really isn’t Peter Parker at all.

  • shemustbeinthor2

    why would she NOT want to be in thor 2… ? what else does she got on her plate?
    if she did not want to be in it, then just cut out the jane foster characther all together so we do NOT get holmes/maggie thing.. homles should never had been in bats begins in the first place.

    • lucascott

      A child for one thing. That wasn’t mentioned in the article which decided instead of just bag on her.

      We don’t know why she didn’t want to return but it could have been for an understandable reason like wanting to spend time with her new family. And if so then who is really the douche, the mother or the producers who insisted they couldn’t recast the role and let her out of the contract. Particularly if she was willing to sign papers that she was asking to be let out herself for her own reasons and was giving up all rights for ‘pay or play’ payouts, etc.

  • Teri McCall

    I would be happier if they had just replaced her!

  • Cory A. Vincent

    I didn’t like Portman in that role anyways…Maggie or Katie would be better,Katie hasn’t done much acting of late…they should give her a chance.

    • lucascott

      I didn’t either but I can’t pin down if it was Portman’s acting, the directing or the script which I didn’t care for overall. I would have rather they went a bit more in the direction of the original comics.

      • Robert Pruitt

        I bet it’s the script, the movie, while good, was a tad boring for an action movie.

        • lucascott

          I disagree it wasn’t boring for an action movie. I think the problem was that it tried to be too much action and not enough story. If you know the original Thor comics then you know that they totally rewrote the back story and I don’t think it was a very appealing rewrite. The original version, in my opinion, while not every action movie would have been better

  • jojo

    She probably doesn’t want to be involved in another blockbuster multimillion dollar movie like with with the Star Wars prequel trilogy. After Black Swan she’s probably turning into Shia Labeouf after Transformers and only wants to do artsy and ‘real’ movies.

  • Bucky

    wtf is wrong with Portman….just stfu and do it…you signed up for thor knowing there was a possibility of a second movie.

  • cricker

    Well MaggieG was the better actres, until that film and she totally ruined it with her awful performance. Since then I have found she basically can only play one type of character. Add o that everyone I know thought she was 45 years old and couldnt understand how she was fitting in, at first we thought she was playing his mom in flashbacks. Then that she is ugly, no doubt, which wouldnt be an issue if she did a decent job on TDK, but again was actually wrose than Holmes and that is saying something.

    • Josh

      Maggie is pretty ugly for batman to be fighting over her.

  • Yongster

    Funny that no one even mentioned Keira Knightley. She WAS Portman’s double in Star Wars: Phantom Menace. She DOES look like her. She CAN act. Give her the job!

    • Monkey Boy

      That was under ten tons of makeup and elaborate costume/headdress. Without those they look nothing alike.

  • Tom Ferriday

    Portman’s behavior is not only immature, but it’s also unprofessional. She must have been well aware that a Thor 2 was going to be made, so why did she sign a multi-picture contract? It’s not like she’s an actress on par with Kathleen Hepburn. Portman’s performances are barely memorable. She should be grateful to have any work at all. On a side note, her whining about fulfilling her obligation points to a character flaw common in America today. There was a time when your word was your bond and if you signed up to do a job, you did it. I

    • Pedrosaurus

      Whose Kathleen Hepburn? Now there’s a Kathleen Turner and a Katherine Hepburn, there’s even (or was, RIP) Audrey Hepburn, but not sure who you’re referencing.

  • Craig

    Natalie Portman was the only thing wrong with the first Thor… she had no chemistry with any of the cast! A love interest with no chemistry is a bad thing… and how can you not have chemistry with Hemsworth? A straight homophobic dude would be panting over the dude, and she had NOTHING there. She was totally mis-cast…. recast her! In this case, people won’t mind

    • Candi Powell


  • Jeff

    Wow someone actually thinks Maggie Gyllenhaal is cuter than Katie Holmes? LOL

    • bfg666

      “LOL” yourself, moron.

      • JoshB

        Awww someone is sad everyone likes the other girl and not the one he likes. “LOL”

        • Ian Fraser

          Katie Holmes is straight up ugly.

        • bfg666

          Josh, don’t assume I’m as shortsighted as you are. All I’m saying is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and finding your own tastes superior to others’ is plain stupid.

  • Patrick Cortes

    Eh. She seems like a real bitch. If she doesn’t want to be part of these big-budget movies like this, she shouldn’t sign on for the first movies in what is clearly going to be an ongoing cycle in the first place. It makes me resent her. She’s a fantastic actress, but she was terrible in Star Wars largely due to the fact that she didn’t give a shit. (Not that that was the only thing that was wrong with those movies by a long shot, but look how great Ewan McGregor was, because he’s a far more professional actor.) Fuck continuity; I’d rather have to pretend it’s only been one actress the whole time and have someone in the role who isn’t cynical and isn’t just there for the check. Or hey, you’re an actress – at least ACT like you aren’t there for the check

    • bfg666

      Ewan McGregor was a Star Wars fanboy. It helps.

    • bfg666

      Ewan McGregor was a Star Wars fanboy. It helps.

  • Intrepid

    Wow, get your eyes examined! Thank the universe you aren’t the casting director. Your taste in pork faced women is disgusting.

  • Trash

    I bet a lot of you have fat gfs.

    • Josh

      Nope my gf models and she’s asian. No fat there what so ever. Plus we work out together daily. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Sorry if your gf is fat Trash.

  • Guest

    Maggie Gyllenhaal ? are you stupid? that’s why i stopped watching batman cuz Maggie Gyllenhaal

    • Joseph G. Richardson

      That is the dumbest reason I’ve ever heard to not like Batman.

      • bfg666


  • Scott Sourile

    Natalie Portman’s hot, idc what anyone says. But G-Hall is cute. And it helps we’ve all (most of us) have seen her naked. :)

  • Cleo the Muse

    Or bring in Keira Knightley… no one would know the difference.

  • dregj

    in what marvel universe is Maggie Gyllenhaal pretty?
    is this the zombie universe where theres very slim pickins

  • Alex Lewis

    The Avengers did just fine without her. When will Hollywood learn I’m not going to the movies to see particular stars, it’s the movie stupid. Make a kick butt movie and people will line up to see it.

  • Someone

    Is this a joke? Maggie Gyllenhaal was terrible in the Dark Knight……..

  • james

    She was the weak link in the film so wouldnt miss her even though she is gorgeous.

  • Ricky Quintero

    Screw that man, Gyllenhaal was the only thing wrong with The Dark Knight, Katie Holmes would’ve been a much better love interest to Batman/Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent than Hairy-Pits Maggie!

  • ks3409

    Remember the scene in “Knocked-Up” where Paul Rudd asks his wife for sex and she replies that she’s constipated — pretty much sums up the sexual chemistry Portman had with the smoldering Helmsworth in Thor… I say getting rid of her would be the best thing they could do for the success of the movie.

  • sortfn

    Maggie Gyllenhaal ate cute for breakfast and spit out Katie Holmes. Katie asked the Devil to hit her with the cute stick, and the Devil said no. Then he picked up the wrong stick, and hit her anyway. Katie Holmes rubbed a magic lamp to wish for cuteness, but the Genie was out. On a date. With Maggie Gyllenhaal. All Katie got was brass blisters, which made her even sadder.

  • Gary Eller

    Maggie G is one of the ugliest women in the world…second to Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • I.p. Whitfield

    2 words Kira Knightly

  • dr3dd1ne

    Honestly I felt like Portman thought the genre was beneath her and she just mailed it in on Thor. So my response to her not wanting to be there is…then spare us all and don’t. Problem solved! Don’t bring in actors (actresses) that aren’t down with the material and aren’t going to do justice to the ones who love it (the audience). There are plenty of other actresses out there who’d LOVE to play the part and would do it justice.

  • dts3204

    What she wanted to leave the best role she has had since “The Professional”. That’s gratitude for you.

  • Kaesee

    Ugh. I can’t stand MG’s pugnacious face…………leave her out………..!!

  • Vi

    Keira Knightly Looks So much like Her … And the acting still be pretty good.

  • Rival X Jordan


  • Pugiron

    You have to be all kinds of retarded to think Maggie Saddleface is cuter than Katie Holmes. You probably meant to say you think her brother was cuter than Heath Ledger, Brokeback Steve

  • Really?

    Please never write about movies again… seriously, get back under that rock and enjoy listening to yourself. You can take G-Haal with you too if you’d like

  • Eddy

    who can blame her, thor was the weakest of Marvel’s phase 1. Generic beyond belief.

  • GG Allin

    Alannah Starr is rumored to have replaced Portman.

  • UGADawg09

    Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like a sad cartoon turtle.

  • lorettajohnson

    don’t blame her, probably gonna be mediocre like the first one

  • Diana Stoyanova

    I’m kicking and screaming NOT to see her in Thor..

  • Alex

    Given the fact that Maggie is hideous I’m surprised anyone wants to see her in anything.

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